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  1. Welcome.... Go Cats! Unless your from L'ville. Anyway welcome. Lots of great info here. Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  2. Now, that was good!!!! Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  3. Hum, perhaps my suspicions are confirmed and conflicting info is justified? Perhaps a few more folks can wade into the fray with us. Does anyone know of supporting screen captures that support one direction vs the other? Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  4. Shoot, just realized I posted this in the incorrect sub-forum. Darn, not sure how to ove to the E11 location.
  5. Hello,I have been searching the forum to find the correct (screen accurate) number of metal contact tabs that should be used on the end of my Hengstler 400 counter's socket.<br><br> I am referencing the thin metal leads that exit the Bakelite / plastic insulator that is on the rear of the counter socket. These are wire contacts, solder leads, socket contacts... not sure what to call them?<br><br> I can't seem to find a definitive answer in the archives or photos of E11 builds.<br><br> I have seen examples of counters with none of the metal leads populated
  6. Travis, thank you for the link... I contacted Anovos on Tuesday and they advised that they had "limited availability"... placed an order yesterday! As I understand they aren't to keen on providing tracking numbers or ship notice... so I hope one day sooner, rather than later, I get a visit from the FedEx delivery driver! Are you planning to attend the Lexington comic con? I was really impressed with the SW displays there last year. Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  7. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!!! JustJoesph63, I am hoping to also meet some of the folks from the Mid-South garrison at the up coming con in Lexington... looking forward to learning as much as I can. Thanks again! Sent from my 831C using Tapatalk
  8. Hello, I am new to the forum and hobby. I have always wanted my very own Stormtrooper armor for as long as I can remember. After taking my son to see The Force Awakens, at about the same age I was when I saw ANH, it's time to pull the trigger. Feeling very fortunate to have found such a good resource related to the topic in this forum... I can't image tackling this effort in the days prior to the internet. I do have a bit of a newbiee question. Can the ANOVOS Classic Trilogy Imperial Stormtrooper armor be completed and fitted to be 501 complainant? Are there any egregious proble
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