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  1. Awesome job, and fun pics. Hospital troops are so rewarding. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  2. Greetings, ID65000 requesting 501st access please. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24294 Thank you.
  3. Ian, which musician was it in that picture?
  4. Awesome work. I always liked the Nazgul, and the Witch-King most of all.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Ricky. I'm early in the trimming phase, tho I did assemble the TD for a sense of accomplishment. This forum is a great resource for info and support. Plus I have a friend who is also doing the Anovos kit has his second TK, and he's offered help as well. Later!
  6. Great write up. Thanks for posting. Very encouraging to read the journey of a fellow newbie...well, now you're on the other side of the line, so congrats! I'll catch up, eventually!
  7. Most excellent! I love it when the samurai influence on Star Wars seeps back in. I've seen some samurai-inspired Mando's, too, also quite cool.
  8. Hey Wolf, I had problems getting your link to open. Then I actually copied the address as you have it in post 15, then "paste and go" into my browser and it worked. This is one of those "don't know how it worked and don't care" moments! lol. Keep up the work on your build. I'm getting ready to start on my Anovos build as well.
  9. Airwolf, how long after you got the tracking# did it actually ship? I think they generate the shipping labels a little early. Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the greetings and for these links. Looks like some helpful stuff there!
  11. Greetings all! New trooper in the northland here. I've got the Anovos TK set on order, very excited. While I wait for its arrival, time to read and research! I trooped some last year with the local squad. My wife is a Jawa. We also built an R2 last year, which was quite an adventure. Thanks!
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