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  1. Steve it's looking good are you having any issues so far? John
  2. This is the introduction price it will go up another $100 which will MAKE IT RIDICULOUS. I have the original one on order,
  3. MOKD-T6FE-YB2J Good until end of Monday sorry for short notice hope someone can use it
  4. I have one and waiting for trooper to get back to me I will post it here on Sunday If I don't hear from him by then I'll be away until then its only good until 21 March which is Monday so it will have to quick turn around.
  5. It's amazing the chest plate can fit with all that gear
  6. I was told Anovos used the original suites that where for 5' 10" and 175 folks. I have a Shadow Trooper suite on order and thinking of canceling it since I'm 6' 225. Check other posts here on the forum there is a big discussion of armor sizes I'm on a wait list for RT-MOD for one of his TK suites.
  7. Would love to see a kit for T21 I'm amazed no one can make these.
  8. I may have one for you in a day or two just used one given to me but son what's something from them so I'll get another one and post. Just a heads up it's a 10% discount.
  9. Hi folks looking for a any extra codes going for the another suite as well. Thanks
  10. That truly is a master piece, as we say in the Army Hooah! Well done trooper.
  11. Good luck there a big chunk of change.
  12. Steve, Let me know how you make out I'm about 10 pounds lighter then you so same measurements. I'm looking at AM 2.0 or RT-MOD. John
  13. On the list as well but I have a little more weight about 230 mostly in the chest (football player) so hoping all will work out good with the RT-MOD.
  14. For us new folks Echo is hard to find is there a link to where to buy these? Thanks
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