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  1. My orders came in late last night, TD-52766 reporting for duty!
  2. TD-52766 requesting access from alpine garrison http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21141
  3. I ended up sanding the top part of the ear to shorten it which helped pull the ear in closer, and I did some sanding along the rest to help match the curve better. It also helped to push the ear tight into the bucket and drill a new hole on the bottom, but be careful when I did that I cracked the ear and had to take it off a 3rd time and fix it
  4. Those are my prescription lenses, the dark green lenses work great in the sunlight. And you'll see it soon enough I'll be in the parade next Saturday if your going and I'll be at the owls game that same night
  5. Now that I got those last few pictures posted here are the real pictures we all want to see. Here are my approved submission photos. I was approved this morning by my GML I'm just waiting on the email from the 501st to make it official and get my TKID #. These are the additional photos that my GML wanted, which include the gap on the side between the kidney and abdomen pieces. She wanted little to no gap, which is technically a level 2 detail, I had already built my armor to level 3 so it was just a matter of suiting back up and taking these photos. Lastly she wanted a picture without the pauldron on too. Lastly these are the pictures we took in case I needed any detail photos, These were not asked for but I'm including them here just the same. Its been a long time to get here, even though its really only been 6 months, and it feels amazing to finally be approved. I cant wait till I get that email with my TKID # and its truly official and I get to join the 9500 brothers and sisters worldwide and help do my part in the 501st.
  6. Well after quite some time I figured I needed to add some missing pictures of things I did to my build like how we painted it and the inside of my bucket and how I mounted the fans. My bucket looks so photo-shopped in this picture. Just goes to show how white it originally was. I need to be able to transport my gear so I picked this up at Walmart for about 30.00. I plan to upgrade to a husky bin later but I needed something to get my armor to the armor parties and once I got approved to be able to take it to troops. Last was the upgrades to my bucket. I took an old pair of eye glass frames I had and took the lenses out and tapped them to the inside of the green lenses so I could see. I also installed the 4 fans with an Anker battery pack.
  7. Oh the joys of sanding and trimming. Thankfully the AM kit comes mostly trimmed so I didn't have nearly as much work as you do.
  8. No that one got cancelled, but I'm doing the parade and the owls game that same weekend
  9. Yay let the fun begin! If you need help just pm me here or holler on the Alpine boards
  10. I appreciate the feedback brother thank you. Hopefully it won't be an issue when I submit but if it does then at least I'll have a place to start.
  11. Thanks airborne I can't wait to be out there with you guys and gals.
  12. Its been awhile I know but here's the latest. I finally managed to get it dirty with help from a fellow garrison member, Mark. I cannot begin to thank him enough for his help I think it looks amazing. The green lenses are not in the bucket due to us painting it but it doesn't matter till I submit. Just waiting on my pauldron still and I can submit for approval.
  13. I can fully understand not wanting to weather them, he's done some amazing craftsmanship and it's a shame we have to do it.
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