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  1. I was talking about the spray on Plasti-Dip. It might not go on smooth enough though.
  2. Have you considered using Plasti Dip spray? It is rubber in a can basically and can be found at Lowes or Home Depot. Is there a pattern for these somewhere? I might want to make my own also.
  3. According to her WIP she spent around $3500. Not sure how much the armor costs but I don't think I'll be spending nearly that much. I'm thinking around $1800.
  4. Thank you. Would look better with a Phasma hanging around. Black and chrome would look sharp.
  5. Thank you gentlemen, appreciate the welcome.
  6. My new build is in the planning stage, Capt. Phasma for my wife. She is dieting and I am researching. We are looking at perhaps having it done by Fall. My wife, son and I are active with the Alabama Garrison. I have an ESB Vader and a Gray Jedi, my wife has a Royal Guard, and my son has a Jawa and lil' Jedi. My wife is really excited to have a costume that will draw its own attention and fewer people will ask "What is that?".
  7. Ingrid, How is the Alclad holding up? If you are having to touch it up, how often? I am planning a build for my wife and am currently researching painting options. William
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