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    I enjoy everything Star Wars, I always have loved Star Wars. I enjoy reading and playing video games. I enjoy helping people. I like snowboarding and hiking (Cause hey we got lots of snow and hiking in Montana)I enjoy Math and science and love technology and engineering. I enjoy programming and using my computer. I also enjoy shooting guns from pistols to rifles.

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  1. Still looking around and managing my money until Im ready to buy a kit

  2. Still looking around and managing my money until Im ready to buy a kit

  3. Oh sorry, I forgot about the other divisions. I thought they were still part of the FISD
  4. Hello there troopers I was just wondering where is the Shadow Trooper and or Dark Trooper (Star wars Battlefront II) forums. Is the Shadow and Dark Trooper official 501st approved Armors? I wouldnt mind making a Shadow or Dark Trooper armor set later? Im just wondering, If not? Why arent they 501st approved? Thank you for your time. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!!!
  5. I really enjoy reading the Field Training exercises, it is extremely heart warming and at times funny! Keep up the good work Troopers

  6. I can agree with you on that Paul, I did find them to be more Military like and it was pretty awesome to see them act more "soldierly" like they did in A new Hope. I just like the older storm trooper armor that is all.
  7. I was just stating my unpopular opinion since the person who created the post wanted peoples opinions and that was mine. I'm not trying to be negative, I just really don't like the movie. I understand that as a member of a star wars fan club Ill hear about it, but it just wasn't a star wars movie to me and that's all.
  8. I know this is blasphemy, but I thought it was horrible and I was very disappointed. Disney and JJ just screwed the movies over and George should have never sold them, I'm going to just pretend it never existed and stick with the original 6 movies. I know several of you may disagree with me, but this is just my opinion. I didn't expect much from this movie and also the amount of ads and products I have seen with the Star Wars title have lead me disgusted with Disney, and for sure killed any hype I had for the movie. I found all of the actors to be quite poor besides Harrison Ford (Also hey Harrison ford fans, He's dead sorry (Not really), hahaha - Sincerely Disney) and older cast members and I'm just saying this so don't shoot me. I don't like the new Stormtrooper Armor nor do I like the fact that they threw out all the old Canon (I read all of the books and the fact that I knew the whole story after movie 6 and then Disney was like Hey screw you going to throw it out, really pissed me off.) I also am not a fan of JJ Abraham. I didn't like what he did with Star trek and for sure he didn't make Star wars any better, but hey Disney is like oh JJ your such a good syfy writer/director we need to hire you out of all the other possibly better Directors/writers out there who have made way better science fiction movies. Good old JJ and his lack of detail and infinite plot holes and taking everything you loved from a series and destroying it right before your eyes. Some might say It cant be worse than the prequels well I for one not only liked the prequels a lot, The prequels were gorgeous with good story and details and animations, good action and OVERALL good characters (Also I love clonetroopers), but I can say it was worse than the prequels. I still love the Star wars series, but I cant with Disney Star wars. I wont be watching Star Wars 8 & 9. This is just my opinion don't report me to Lord Vader.
  9. Great pictures, I love them and what you guys did. I was walking past a salvation army bell ringer outside of Wal-mart and after donating some money, a wal-mart employee came out and told the man he didnt have a permit, which was very unnice and dumb, since the Salvation army almost always is outside of Wal-mart on christmas. Some people are just really grumpy people and like to ruin the holidays for others.
  10. Hello 501st memebers, Im new and have been seraching around and researching my armor to create for the 501st Legion, but I cant seem to get on the Timberline Garrison fourms, I registered on there a while ago as Blackbomber200 and no one has yet approved my account. So I was wondering if any of my fellow Stormtrooper brothers or sisters at the Timberline Garrison could let someone know in the technical support area that I would like to get approved, so I can get more direct help from people directly in my region as known as the Giant State of Montana. If anyone does know anyone in the Timberline Garrison could you please direct them to the forums so I could not only meet a member of my local garrison and get some help on the tech side so I can post directly in their forums, while also making friends with someone I hope to be able to troop with (Not to say that I don't want to troop with or make friends with other troopers around the country, but Id like to get to know my future Garrison first)!!! Thank you Troopers have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!!!
  11. Thanks Scott, I was afraid that my questions may have been stupid. Thank you I will continue to research!
  12. Hey there 501st members of the FISD, Ive been looking into things and I think that I will buy my kit from ATA, because they have really good armor and affordable prices (Cause I'm a trooper living off of minimum wage from the Empire, and college is expensive.) and it looks pretty good to me despite the 11-12 month wait time, but I'm patient (Not really I wish I had my armor right now before the New Star Wars Movie and Christmas) However does anyone have any better recommendations for ANH Stormtrooper armor, or am I is ATA as good as I'm going to find? Also reading more through the forums I notice in guides they talk about trimming and stuff. Does trimming mean does trimming the armor, what does that really mean? I think it means just trimming the extra stuff off of the armor, but I'm not really sure. I'm also somewhat concerned with rivets and screwing into your armor, I still need to read up on things, but If I was to screw or put a rivet in the wrong place wouldn't that be really really bad? I know I read people say patience and taking it slow are key, but just say you make a mistake, since we all make mistakes. Also I'm a little concerned with my height, because I fall in the category of people are going to start cracking the "Arent you a little short to be a stromtrooper?" I know this probably is not a big deal, but is there such thing as being too short, I mean I'm not that short I'm like 5'7 or 5'8ish, but would that be a problem. Anyway that's all Ive got so Merry Christmas Troopers and have a Happy Holiday!
  13. Your not missing out on much, if you really want to see how great Battlefront use to be pick up Battlefront II on steam and look through the comments for how to play the multiplayer since the original servers were shut down.
  14. Its an ok star wars game, but its not battlefront, The old battlefronts were the best!!!! I honestly just want to play till I get level 50 for the Shadowtrooper armor, I just wear the Default Stormtrooper, but I use to be able to dominate games with just my E-11, but alas now everyone has oped guns and Ive fallen behind so I get my butt whooped!
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