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  1. Dave Allen 14274 EIB A4 Tony Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/14274-eib.png
  2. Awesome, thanks for the advice and look into getting done whats needed for Centurion
  3. Welcome, I have not long had my ID after getting my TK built last year in October so after your 4 years mine don't seem so bad now.
  4. Just a couple from the library I have already, will have to suit up and get some more shots for the remaining adjustments
  5. Armour = RS Prop Masters Helmet = RS Prop Masters Blaster = RS Prop Masters Height = 5'11" Weight = 90kg Boots = RS Prop Masters Canvas Belt = RS Prop Masters/Clothears Hand Plates = RS Prop Masters (Latex) Electronics = RomFX Neck Seal = RS Prop Masters Holster = RS Prop Masters
  6. Requesting 501st Access TKID 14274 Profile http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21664
  7. Hi All, I finally got my 501st member approval. I had my TK Commissioned by RS Prop Masters as have no building skills along with a DLT-19 and have been trooping for local groups for nearly as year as both Tusken Raider and TK and once recently as Darth Vader and enjoyed doing it I have now joined the Elite. I use RomFX electronics although its turned off more than its on as can never get the mic in a perfect position but that's another Topic. Hopefully catch some off you at Troops if any are in the South West UK, I will be going to Celebrations too so if anyone else is going, see you there.
  8. Just an Update, my RS Armour arrived this week (see New profile pic), going to take some daylight pics over the weekend ready to submit for clearance once I have worked out how to do it all as never get this pic uploading right on these forums.
  9. If your on Facebook look up The Shed of Glittering Delights, Andy does the kits and are resonably priced
  10. Yes signed up to UKG, going to apply for Full membership next week once I have recieved my build from RS
  11. Hi Everyone, I am just Waiting for my commission build of a Full ANH Stunt TK from RS Prop Masters here in the UK, its due to be built around the 2nd November then I just have to wait for the Extra's I have ordered to be ready then just a wait then for it to arrive. I have been wanting to be a TK for a few years but due to one thing or another haven't had the opportunity to get one until now, I feel like a Kid again waiting for Xmas Day. I Troop already with my own group Torbay Troopers here in Devon, UK but use a friends Tusken Costume but can't wait to have my own and with what I have wanted to be for a while. Looking forward to being a part of this detatchment, Dave
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