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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys...I have some metal hex mesh to go in the gap and also will be doing curved lenses
  2. Hey guys thought I'd share my attempt at a force awakens trooper helmet...started out with the Rubies two piece helmet and cut it to pieces to try and make it a little more accurate...sculpted replacement parts and made a clip from ABS...hope to be molding up within the next couple of weeks.<br>
  3. Hey guys i'm looking for some help in sourcing a few parts for a helmet i'm modifying..any help sourcing the clips on the helmet and the mic tip (if that's what it is?) and bubble lenses although I read that normal trooper lids ones will do? I think I have found some honeycomb mesh for the mouth area but again if there is something known that ois accurate i'd appreciate any help
  4. I sculpt in plastercine and have used the freezer to harden it up and it works well...just make sure it is smoothed out as best you can and chill it for a while before the plaster goes on...
  5. Hey Greg amazing work! I vac form myself and personally I prefer styrene/hips over abs just because I find it does form better that said abs is more robust...I get nice detailed pulls with 2-3mm styrene without having to negative form for fine detailed masks...abs above 2mm can get a bit tricky without pre warming but that is only my experience.
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