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  1. I assume you wanting TK, is that correct? If that isn't the case, I know someone that makes nice smaller/kid sized Death Watch armor.
  2. Like I said, just another option. Sometimes you can get a good deal, sometimes you can't.
  3. RWA would be my suggestion too. Might also want to check the 501st boards and see if anyone is selling a kit there.
  4. I usually use Harbor Freight. My Joanna's is usually out, but I never seem to have that problem with HF.
  5. I would just like to add my observation of the cape if that's alright. I have been working on a Phasma and I have also been using the D23 photos as a guide. I noticed that the cape drags the ground, but then I also had another thought. Phasma is 6'3", most mannequins are around 5'8"-5'10". That's why the cape is flowing over onto the floor in those photos. All the set photos of Phasma appear to show the cape is barely touching the ground at the heel. The rest of the thread, I agree with. Good work guys.
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