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  1. Very nice. I like the white edge on the teeth. I thought about trimming the eyes a bit more, but I like the look of it now, so I'm going to stop messing with it. Maybe the eyes and ears will get trimmed a bit more in the future. I like that there are these subtle variations between individual helmets, yet they can all be "accurate".
  2. That probably is violating some terms of the site, but I'd be very tempted to buy for a reasonable price. The soft goods would be too small, but I hear they're not that great, anyhow. I thought about buying the Anovos armor and selling the factory-assembled helmet, but...waiting sooo long again? I don't know.
  3. Post some pics of your lid? Before I forget, I wanted to thank everyone here at FISD! Y'all helped me get this bucket built so it looks nice. Figuring out how I was going to paint that tooth took me a while. The left side (as you wear the lid) fifth tooth is little more than a dot of grey paint. This just seemed like the most logical way to paint it based on the surfaces provided. I was tempted to airbrush the teeth and vocoder, but chose to brush it for three reasons: 1. I actually like the brush marks in the paint. 2. I wanted slightly uneven edges on the
  4. Just about done. I need to Plasti-Dip the inside yet then properly mount the lens. I did cut the ears down a bit, but liked the look of the thicker ears, so I stopped at the point you see here.
  5. I couldn't wait for the weekend. I had a few hours free tonight, so I decided to trim down the ears. After about an hour of cutting, sanding, and filing, I'm happy with the right ear now. I just need to clean up some of my pencil marks. Now, I have to move on to the left ear. I'd like to post an image, but I'm out of space for posting images.
  6. QuartZ, The screws with the kits are the correct type and size now. I don't know if they've made the change on the factory assembled units. Here are the unpainted screws from my kit:
  7. Thanks for the tips, troopers. I'll remove those ears next week and try to get them to fit better.
  8. Hi, David. Good to see I'm not alone in uncharted waters here. I've started putting the bucket together. Sorry, no pictures of the assembly. I figure everyone here has seen it a million times already. I will post a picture of the assembled tips, though, just so people can see the revised tips. The completed tips look pretty good. The larger mesh is much better than what Anovos was shipping before. I was disappointed by the amount of flare at the bottom of the tubes on the rear portion. I reduced the flare a bit by holding the offending corner in boili
  9. LBB (little brown box) day finally arrived! My Anovos TK helmet kit orderd in August 2015 is here in August 2017. I'm not going to bore everyone with unboxing photos. Anovos appears to have taken some advice from 501st members during product development. Interesting things about the kit: Pre-trimmed ears: I'm sure these will require further trimming. This is the part I'm most concerned about dorking up. Speaking of those ears, the screws for the ears are the proper countersunk screws, not the flat screws Anovos had on the original factory-built he
  10. Ignoring E=mc2 for the moment. IMO, no, you would not see the ship following. We see things because our eyes take in the light that is reflected from an object. The photons will not bounce off the ship moving at 2x light speed and be propelled at more than that speed. Where would that extra energy come from? Realize that the photons would need to be traveling toward you at three times normal speed in order for you to perceive the ship as "normal". Slower than that, and it would have a pronounced red shift. Even if the photons bounced back toward you at 2x the speed of light, you would neve
  11. Good laughs for a Monday! Thanks. The Fed Ex driver was probably thinking, "Another one of THESE guys...every time I deliver one of these Anovos boxes" I liked the cameo by the "buckets".
  12. I’ve always been mechanically inclined. I spent a few years at Corellia StarDrive designing hyperdrive systems. That job ended when the rest of the design team was lost in a shuttle accident. Luckily for me, I was on vacation on Alderaan when that happened. I had to end my vacation early to attend the funerals. It’s sort of weird… I’d hate to say the accident was a GOOD thing, but it got me off of Alderaan just in time. You know what I mean? Unfortunately, when Corellian Engineering Corporation took over, my position was eliminated. So, I bounced around for a while, eventually taki
  13. Umm...the color on the frown is totally wrong. You'll never make EIB.
  14. I'm really interested to see what some of the veterans here can do with the helmet kit when it starts shipping. I think the method of trimming the teeth and painting the frown will go along way towards improving the appearance.
  15. "This is probably the best stormtrooper helmet available out there." What the seller says could be true...from a certain point of view. Where exactly is, "out there"? The seller's ktchen?
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