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  1. This is a great build thread! Very helpful and has given me ideas while I work on my WTF Shadowtrooper!
  2. removed most of the tape...need to do touchup/cleanups now...!
  3. thanks Darren! this is only my 2nd time painting a bucket.....my first was the Shoretrooper. After I remove most of the tape, I'll do whatever cleanup/touchups are left and that should conclude the painting...then the rest is easy!
  4. Funny I actually work in IT but never knew really how to embed the images directly in the forum lol
  5. ok figured it out.... so over the last week or so, I've gotten a lot of work done on my KB Props TLJ FO bucket...it will become a FOJE. I used Rustoleum 2X white gloss for the base white after priming, and then so far Testors FL Black for the brow/teeth/grill area and Testors GL Black for the lens area and ear area. I bought FL Black and GL Black spray paint but saw using Testors/hand painting was easier... After I remove the tape, I know I'll have some touch ups to do...but at this point it's looking more like a bucket! I plan on using a hard hat liner for the inside w/foam as well...also need to install the lens...etc...
  6. the links I posted still work though correct? is it better to embed the images directly on to the forum?
  7. Ahhh ok so from IMGUR you mean right?
  8. And more... https://imgur.com/gallery/RmcbU
  9. Aight here we go! https://imgur.com/gallery/ZxRuI
  10. whats the best way to upload mltpl on here...
  11. this is the 2nd bucket I've had to paint, my other was the Shoretrooper...I'll upload pics soon...I have some showing all white and then masking off areas for the black...I did the gloss black last night and it looks pretty good I must say. not sure about ppl who offer to finish on here...im using rustoleum 2x white gloss for the base white...
  12. awesome man! so you're in the states I take it as well yes? yeah my armor is Jimmi's and I would have gone w/his but due to the shipping and time, I wanted to do more research. I really like my KB helmet...I got the first coats of white applied a cpl days ago...gonna do some wet sanding tonight and hopefully finish the white at least...
  13. not yet, but i guess i could start!
  14. so on their kit, they were already half cut...i just used a small drill bit/file/sanded....
  15. def a nice bucket, i got it all sanded down, lens area cut out...just need to prime/paint...
  16. just got them, they look and feel great!
  17. decided to order one from KB Props...thanks for your suggestions!
  18. they just got back to me: the bucket is slush cast resin, shipping is $30 (to Chicago), 2-3 days
  19. just found his post on his page...they look great! I'd think I could get it cheaper/quicker all together vs Jim's...since this is in the US already...
  20. yeah...I'm now leaning to buying an accurate one...if I don't get it before premier...maybe just paint the black stripe on mine to have the "look"...but not for approval.
  21. sweeeet...I'm actually talking to them about a Shoretrooper collar and am friends w/KB...I'll PM him now lol
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