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  1. Great work so far! There should be some space left at the mouth corners where the outer teeth and mesh meet. The TFA helmet you made had an extruded mesh. I personally think you get a more accurate representation of the mesh flowing under the vented cheeks if the mesh holes are extruded inwards. Looking at the images. I dont think the greeblies are completely leveled. At most maybe slightly lower.
  2. A nice new shot from the E3 battlefront 2 trailer.
  3. Here you go. (ignore the red circle)
  4. I find it doubtful. It has been announced that the game will venture into TLJ, and with DICE's attention to detail, trying to get their ingame models as close as possible to the used props. I think we can safely assume that this helmet will be a good representation of what we will see in TLJ. Worth noting is that the fore-arms are in the TFA style. I am assuming that they have been working on a trooper model before the new TLJ redesign, and that they have recently updated their helmet to represent the new movie. Ofcourse, we wont know it for 100% certainty untill more movie footage.
  5. The battlefront 2 panel did a quick preview of their FO soldiers. It seems the TLJ will have actual teeth.
  6. I am 6 feet 1⅝ inch tall and 182.98 pounds. The XL fits perfectly.
  7. I need this vest in my life! I am still hoping someone will make them for others
  8. The jakku trooper with vest, backpack and pistol.
  9. It was holstered on the jakku trooper with the vest. This trooper was also wearing a FO survival (snowtrooper) backpack.
  10. I have been wondering how that is going to work, because it does not have opening to slide something on it. cutting into the resin piece could be a possibility but not to sure how strong that would be.
  11. I would be very interested in a Medium pair.
  12. I cant wait for the tactical vest and the sidearm to show up. I really like the vest especially with the white armor plates on the front which really makes it blend with the costume. A sidearm and vest make the trooper look really geared for war.
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