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  1. Thats exactly why I brought it here to the experts for info. I thought that as well, so I figure I can hunt about a bit more for a proper kit to use. Thanks for the input, it is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey all, So, while scouring the internet for info on electronics for blasters, I came across the Saberforge E-12 Blaster. Does anyone know about this thing? I had never heard of the E-12 before today.
  3. Danegeld, I know that pain. I've been searching for the right armor for myself, and from what I've learned, RT-Mod is the way to go for us 'stouter' individuals. Keep in mind though that I'm still very new to this and am still doing my research.
  4. That man has very impressive fabrication skills... The ability to build that by eyeballing the limited images we have of the new helmets is epic. I would love to own one of those even if it is metal! (looks at his worktable with the pile of wood and PVC that will become a T-21 and sighs)
  5. Such wonderful warm welcomes here...thanks a lot everyone! By the way justjoseph63, I'm already working on my T-21 build with the awesome pro build guide done by Pandatrooper. The armor though is probably going to be coming from RS Propmasters from what I've read...and they're the only ones who've actually replied to me via email.
  6. Thank you Centurion and Dark CMF for the greetings!
  7. So much to get...head spinning!

  8. Hi everyone! Super new to trooping...as in still so new that I squeak if I turn to fast! Still need to get some armor...and find some trooping friends in WI as well. Anyone out there?
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