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  1. Great information. One thing I want to check. I have added a shim to both sides of the ab plate as I seem to be a bit sturdier than I used to be. Should I make the ab rivets 10mm from the edge of the new shim or 10mm from the original ab plate edge? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the support everyone. At the moment I am trimming the flash from all the parts ready for attaching straps. Not the most exciting job but I am realising that it is just as important to get this right. I am findng some great build threads and tutorials hear. Gotta love you guys.
  3. Great work from you guys. This is a set of armour that will be in great demand. I for one want one already. This is the next generation stormtrooper. With an RS ANH build underway it would be great to have a TFA build as a comparrison to show the evolution of the stormtrooper. I for one will contribute kickstater when it is up. Thanks.
  4. Ok first challenge. Start small and easy and work up from there. Thermal Detonator. I think I got it right but the proof is in the feedback from your peers. Aiming for Centurian straight off. Accuracy in everything I do is important so measure 20 times before cutting.
  5. Well after 38 years of waiting, I finally have my first Stormtrooper armour. I decided on the RS Props ANH Stunt armour kit. It was like Christmas morning when it arrived. 2 boxes full of dreams, anticipation, excitement and terror. Yes I finally realised like many here that I had to assemble it myself. The armour is beautiful. I love the little imperfections that makes is as close to an original set of armour as possible. I have read lots of posts and realise the most impotant thing of all is the 3 R's. Research, Research & Research. I will start with some pics of the armour out of the box. I welcome any constructive criticism or tips on the build. The FISD family are very welcoming and supportive. My next post will be of the Thermal Detonator. Enjoy.
  6. I know a lot of people are salivating over the new Ep Vll armour. To see some cad drawings is encouraging. Stick with it. I know I am interested in what you come up with. Good Luck
  7. Great to see someone else with the same idea as me. My RS armor has ben ordered and can't wait for it to arrive. Also going straight for Centurian. Am spending as much time as possible to research to the nth degree. Good luck with your build.
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