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  1. Do the shins look funny to anyone else? Or is it just me? Too bulky or too short? Once again, I'm not trying to start anything, it's out of a genuine lack of knowledge.
  2. While that video is all and good about showing the inexperienced that building TK armour is very achievable, how does the molding and detail look to our more accuracy-oriented members around here? Are the details on the TK kits Anovos is selling going to pass muster? Can you achieve EIB or Centurion with these kits? I'm asking because I actually have no idea.
  3. I did a garter system with suspenders to hold up my thighs on my clone trooper. My ab assembly, cod, and butt/backplate snaps and velcroes to the suspenders. I could walk through a hurricane in my armour, it's rock solid. I'll be doing an identical setup for my TFA when I start building it.
  4. Hence a 'grandfathering' clause for those who have done the preliminary work. Their pioneering work needs to be acknowledged and respected.
  5. Seeing that CRL's are living documents that have the ability to change, I think it would be OK to post a CRL for this suit. Dday and many others have it correct, there is a lot of visual info to build a CRL for this suit on. It can always be modified down the road, if new details and found part info comes to light. For those that are waiting for the final, ultimate, boilerplate CRL before even starting their TFA costumes, try building a Boba Fett. It is the embodiment of a living costume, with lots of change always going on and $$$ changing hands for the latest and greatest, most accurate parts. Change and revision is not necessarily a bad thing! I can't imagine that anyone got into this hobby because they hate building and refining costumes. If you did, there's always the "grandfathering" clause in a CRL update, so no worries there. It is completely inappropriate to hold off on a CRL being posted because a few people are worried that it may not be completely and perfectly correct. If we waited for every single one of the haters to agree on a CRL, well there probably would not even be a 501st Legion at all. ANH came out 40 years ago, but the ANH stunt stormie CRL (and many other classic costume CRL's) has been updated very recently because new information and evidence for change and revision was found. If we hold off on the TFA stormie CRL because it isn't "perfect" according to a few people's standards (and what are their 'special qualifications' that they can hold up an entire Legion of Imperial costumers, huh? ), it will never get posted. "Perfect" is unattainable because it is a subjective and personal quantity. Our definition of what is "perfect" or even "acceptable" for a base CRL will differ from person to person. We have plenty of reference material for this costume. Let's push forward. We always have the option of moving backward if necessary.
  6. Sold! You definitely have a customer here, if the helmets are anything like the renders seen here. Definitely the best and closest fan sculpt I have seen.
  7. Was CA just used as the adhesive, or was it used as a filler? I used CA on my clone shins to glue them together , despite some heavy criticism from a couple CTN members. No problems after a year. By the sounds of it, you are using CA as a filler too. Did you cut the parts really closely and carefully, to minimize gaps? Or did you do multiple layers of CA to build up layers in order to fill gaps? Did baking soda play into it at all?
  8. Has nobody tried ABS paste? I used it to fill the seams in my clone trooper costume. Take a bunch of 1 cm x 1 cm ABS chips from the suit trimmings, put them in a glass jar, cover them with acetone from the paint thinner section of your hardware store, let it sit for a few hours, and it turns into a paste that is chemically identical to the armour itself. It should flex and bend with the same characteristics of the ABS armour around it. Run a little masking tape alongside the seams you are trying to fill (to mask off most of the armour from the paste), apply the paste with some wooden paint sticks or tongue depressors, remove the mask, and let it dry and cure up overnight. Sand it smooth with a Dremel, mouse sander, MultiMax, etc. You can do this a few times, with thinner and thinner paste to fill in the small pores that can get left behind. Then, use some Bondo spot filler to fill in the remaining micro-pores in the ABS filler. Finally, prime and sand smooth; maybe use a filler primer on top of that just to make sure everything is filled up.
  9. Reinforcing the corners and seams inside the glued and Bondoed armour parts with Fiberglas is pretty common in the cloneetrooper detachment. This helps stiffen up armour, to help prevent flexing and possible cracking of whatever filler you choose.
  10. The clone undersuits were supposed to be ribbed, but that was never made a requirement for basic approval. Perhaps we should consider a similar, consistent approach? Or does the gasket add a rather defining look to the suit, in everyone's opinion?
  11. Awesome work, Gio! Looking forward to ordering a pair!
  12. So, is this just for the helmet, or will this be for the whole suit?
  13. Is it the bulky looking legs or leg gasket material? I find that the armour looks really thick in the knee area. I think it is still really cool concept and design though. Not so hot on the helmet...
  14. Avon's simply replicated the suits used in the film. Anovos was given access to one movie-made suit (designed and built by Legacy Effects, I think) , then used it to build their own suit for sale to some select 501st members. That was what was used for the Abrams 'reveal' earlier today.
  15. Man... I'm really starting to not like the duck-face helmet. Especially when they have all those other helmet variants out there! I am so glad that the HWT, snowie, and TIE pilots have some cool dual mic-tip helmets, I think that's where I'm leaning for my next build. I felt the exact same way when I saw the Clone helmets from Ep. II. The Ep III variant/evolution was so much better, IMHO.
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