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  1. Welcome Jason! Have a load of fun with your build, I'll be following it To start; make sure the ab plate is comfortable around the groin area, for trooping purposes, strap it up to check the movement. Don't cut anything up until you've done that (I'm sure there are many other ways to start, but this method I've heard from several good troopers out there)
  2. I've not continued this thread as the bucket was converted to a Sandtrooper lid, and has been sold now.
  3. This blaster has been finished a few months ago now, by the way. I might've forgotten to keep this thread updated, hehe.
  4. He's posted quite a few lies. On his RPF advertisement he's said he's not had any problem with his armour being 501st approved, which of course is.. utter nonsense
  5. Heya folks. I recently ran across a seller here in the UK, and I think he's a new one as I've not heard of him before, which claims his armour is "501st approved" and "accurate". The seller is called TKUK (TK Armour). I'd just like to warn people that's it's neither, of course no armour is 501st approved when you purchase is, and then of course the accuracy... Here the link in case you're curious. http://www.tkarmour.com/index.php I'm just posting this as I had a long argument with the guy who runs it on the RPF, and he seems convinced it's approvable without having to modify it. If this post isn't appropriate, please do remove it. I just thought it'd be good to add this seller to the black-list, as he's clearly shoddy.
  6. Thanks troopers! Kids and their stuff, it goes everywhere Mark I've ordered some paints Tim, hoping to weather it coming week!
  7. I've given the blaster its first layer of black now, it needs another layer probably, details and weathering is next
  8. Oh I need to replace it, it's the wrong model, and I didn't realise until last week, stupid! Going to use a resin one now, pics soon
  9. Blaster update! Glued some more bits to the blaster, the only thing really missing now is detailing on the bolt, and the mag, otherwise good as ready for the paintjob! ​That's it for now!
  10. Cheers Rick! Blast, was just thinking to bring it with me once it's finished
  11. Right! I'm very sorry to keep you all waiting, I've been rather busy lately, and I've simply forgotten to update this thread... (uh oh...) If you want to stay %100 up-to-date with my progress, you're best off following my Docking Bay 94 V2 Sergeant Build on the MEPD. Here we go then! Firstly, I little while I received this little beauty from Blue Snaggletooth, thanks mate! I'm very happy with it! I'm hoping to secure 40213 as my legion ID, fingers crossed and hope no one nicks it! Now of course, I need to exterminate the other half of the resin Hengstler, couldn't think of a way to do it, Dremel probably wouldn't be cut out for it, so I decided to go with a little saw I got in my kit with knives. It worked, but it wasn't pleasant... I can say, my finger didn't enjoy the pressure applied on it! And victory! And all glued together now, looking good I think! Now the bolt of the blaster, I decided ABS would be a good idea, alas it was indeed. A bit of scrap from trimming my lid! Then I plonked it in boiling water, left it for 2 minutes, and then bent it on the drum stick I used to create the spring. Not too bad I reckon, not entirely satisfactory to what I'd prefer, but not bad! I cut it too short so had to glue it to another bit of abs, I used the glue I used for scale modelling, and god that bonds the ABS good! I went with some milliput over it afterwards, to exterminate the seem. Need to sand it still. Aye, it's a bit wonky, but you can't see it anyway. I've sanded this out, as it was unsightly... D-ring! The end cap clip added to it, looking good I think. I'm looking forward to painting it, to be honest! That's going to take quite a bit longer as I'm still waiting for some parts. I'm thinking of selling it when I'm done, as funding for my TD. I want to build a Bapty as it is, so I won't be using it! Now, unfortunately once this blaster is done, I won't be really active anymore on the FISD, I've decided to build a Sandtrooper. If you're interested you can of course follow me on the MEPD! That's it for now folks, thanks for watching!
  12. Cheers Tim! Sorry, I've still not updated here, my MEPD thread is totally up-to-date, I just keep forgetting to update this one! I've done much as I'm waiting for a couple of parts and need to get another tool, I'll update soon
  13. Cheers Joe! Awesome, which one was it?
  14. @Syllander I'll send you a PM in a minute! @Gazmosis That's what I'm mostly worried about myself Steve, I think I might trim the bit of the mag that's being insert slightly, so there's less hollowing required. @T-jay I'll try that Tino, cheers for the tip!
  15. Ah that's very handy indeed! I have no second set of ears with this one so I hope I'm not going to screw it up, haha. I can however get a free replacement ear for free, just the postage.
  16. Cheers Polar! They're on the big side indeed, screws still fit however
  17. Cheers Tino! I most certainly do hope it's going to fit, try not to ruin the housing whilst hollowing. I need to find my engraving tool, makes it a bit easier.
  18. I've received the Sterling magazine today, very happy with it! That's going to need some work done Here the mag compared to a Doopys resin one
  19. I riveted the lid together, this is what it looks like now. The lenses are only taped in with masking tape because I wanted to see what it would look like Would this be the correct placement for the ears?
  20. @Tino I most certainly agree! I'm not sure yet whether I should have a metal coloured underlayer with black over it, or just black and dry brush, I'll have a think about it @Gmrhodes Totally, hoping I can replace some more if the icky blobs on the blaster I want to replace the lock/free screw on the handle too, but I haven't found a suitable screw yet
  21. Thank you Rick! I've made a little change, I removed the icky looking resin blob that was originally there, and replaced them with actual rivets, looks a lot better now. Sanded down Drilled through Et voilÃ
  22. Thank you Gmrhodes! Oh Tino, I've looked there, I manage to restrain myself, really it's mainly my budget that's keeping my down to be honest
  23. Yep, I've glued mine to the gun already. Didn't really want to mod these that much. I initially wanted to build it fairly standard, but it's going to have quite a fair amount of mods already
  24. Ahh thank you Gazmosis! I'm using a real magazine indeed Thank you Sith Lord! Aye indeed, the glue had set for ten hours or so, it was mostly the shape of the mag housing which made it hard to remove it again!
  25. I received this pretty little kit on Christmas, very happy with it, was overexcited and wanted to start straight away! I've done quite a bit of work on the blaster, assembled the majority of it, now awaiting a a scope I've ordered, a D-ring and a hengstler conversion kit which has a real 6 digit counter and reset button. Allllssoooo I've managed to get my hand on Sterling magazine, very excited about that one Here's what I've done so far. Here's the nice Doopys kit laid out entirely, some little errors in the resin of course, but that was to be expected. Rather bothered with some detailing so I'm most certainly modding this one. I decided to start with a spring first, this one looks a bit shambles, looks fairly alright when it's on the inside though, but I'll probably make a new one. Onto the folding stock! Decided to put some nails in those, drilled a hole in the blaster itself as well of course, I must however say after playing with it for too many times it sort of has lost it's use, because of the wear and tear of the holes I drilled in the resin I then drilled out the terribly ugly resin blobs in the nozzle that are supposed to be bolts, and replaced them with bolts (hands have been burned on the hot metal after I removed the thread with a dremel cutting tool), looks a lot better if I may say so ^,^ The image makes it look like the bolts aren't the same size, but I can assure you they are! No clue what this is called, but I named it an ARS(e ) pin (grow up already!), because, well you know, it points at either A, R or S. I decapitated a nail, drilled the ARS pin and and glued it in with some loctite. (It's the safety, isn't it?) Drilled a deep hole in the grip and put the entire bolt into it, I really couldn't be bothered to cut through another one. adds a nice weight to it as well. I started drilling out the holes on the bottom, I know you can't really see them anyway, but I felt like I had to do it, so done it is. Yes, I did have a little screw up on the fifth one from the right... I still need to carve that little bit of the top hole out, keep forgetting to do it, and my engraving bit went for a walk... Ah little... well little... BIG... mistake... I'm never doing 1am gluing again, it's hard to get things straight when you're half asleep... VICTORY! However, sacrifices have been made... And then I had a moment where I'd forgotten to take photos for a little while, so it's a sudden jump in progress unfortunately, damn enthusiasm! Then I received these nice additions to the blaster from Mark Shearman, cheers mate! The rail fits into the space perfectly!
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