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  1. Onto the shoulders.. BTW, if anyone spots anything out of place or anything I'm doing COMPLETELY wrong, please don't hesitate to let me know.. My goal is ultimately finish everything by Centurion standards, we'll see if I can get there..
  2. Also started on the bucket.. Still trying to shape the ears properly, starting the paint process.. I WAS initially going to build a Hero suit, but the parts seem much harder to find.. gonna stay with the stunt for now..
  3. Soooooo.. it's been a slow going process.. first thing I completed were the gloves.. I'm having trouble finding a proper guide to follow, I hope I did these right! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. it's been a while since I first started.. still waiting on all the little bits and pieces and random tools that I never knew I needed.. making slow progress starting from the helmet down..
  5. @kredal I was more interested in the fact that it was a sterling conversion.. I think I would like the feel of a metal blaster vs a light plastic one.. Beyond the orange tip and the wires, anything else off? UPDATE: I started with the helmet, probably not the smartest way to do this, but I used a dremel to trim down the edges.. I'm not quite sure how much to trim off especially around the eyes, so I figured I'll slow it down and sand the rest by hand.. (hopefully i didn't take it down too far).. The edges of the helmet seems like they get covered by the ears or black trim so i just smoothed it out a little after I trimmed along the lines.. I'll take better care once I start the ears since those edges appear to be the most exposed..
  6. While I await tools from Amazon, I'm trying to find everything else that I need.. I came across this blaster, can you guys share your thoughts on it? is this centurion approved? http://yhst-5672966975550.stores.yahoo.net/swste11.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey guys!! Super stoked to start my build! Today is my Big Brown Box day I just got delivered from Mike Gordon from AP.. Just unpacked, ordered a bunch of things off amazon that should be arriving in about a week (clamps, magnets, glue, etc) Just wanted to introduce myself and start my build/journal the day I received it! I'll be posting my progress along the way, and would welcome ANY suggestions and/or tips (i.e. where to actually start..) my goal is to be 501st approved, then eventually clear centurion. Meanwhile I'll be referencing all of YOUR build threads all while trying not to mess up as I go along. PEACE OUT from the 808 state for now!! [emoji111]🼠Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I need some suggestions.. 5'6" / 155lbs, looking for Stormtrooper, that could possibly be converted into a Sandtrooper (if that's possible). Otherwise not a deal breaker.. been trying to get in touch with HPDBlues (as I live in Hawaii as well), but can't seem to get a message to him thru FISD.. Messaged him thru Facebook, if anyone can get in contact with him, please ask him to check his "other" folder in messages looking for something by Halloween (which I know is cutting it close), but also durable enough to wear more than twice a year.. I'd like to keep the initial armor/helmet budget roughly around $1000 if possible, knowing that I will add on everything else slowly.. Anyways, looking for any suggestions on who I should seek for my height/build.. any suggestion would be appreciated!
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