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  1. I will personaly go for an untrimmed set from http://www.rspropmasters.com/ to make my HWT Hope this helps!
  2. From what i understand from originalstormtrooper.com they are overprized... I have recently contacted tkboots and recieved fast and clear responses. This and the experiences of previous buyers here on FISD make me believe it is reliable and worth it.
  3. So i recently picked up one of these, put it together in little under an hour... I have not soldered the mics to the board as im planning to encorperate them in to the bucket as seen above But if i put the mics in their place the mic connected to MICR is actually transmitting to the left ear... anybody else have this? Its not a big problem... i just gotta remember it when i hook it up in the bucket.
  4. Ive hit a dilemma... I just can't seem to decide what big gun to get/build for my HWT build... The DLT-19 just looks good in the hands of any TK, but the T-21 I just a beast on its own... Then the other thing... im not good at building stuff from scratch... I'm more of a repairer/assembler, what would be good places/people to enquire about getting a kit or a full build for eather one of them? Wiechert
  5. As of today officialy 3rd officer unlimited!

  6. I got a question... I have found a nice set of MP-38/MP-40 pouches but they are made of green canvas. Is it possible to paint them black and still look good? And if yes, what kind of paint would be recommended? These are the pouches im interested in: -----------
  7. I have had the same thing... Signed up for the forum of the Dutch Garrison only to recieve an email stating that it is only for approved members. For new, in my opinion this forum is all you would need in your journey to join the Legion anyway. Even though it would be nice to actually be able to communicate with those you'd eventually troop with... Just my 5 cents
  8. Hoping to start building my HWT early next year as i'm looking at 3 month leave for work soon (merchant marine... somebody has to keep your electronics from being average priced ) But i'll try to follow your build and see what I can learn from you for sure!
  9. I don't know if im posting this in the right section... But if so please forgive me Having some electronic engineering skills, I recently had to struggle with an electric problem in my my car, and figured it was about time I bought myself a Multimeter. This tool is essential to any fault finding in electric circuits but up untill now I never needed it. In my research into TK armor and bucket add-ons I have seen quite a few amazing inventions on this forum. Having a clear idea of what I eventually want to achieve I figured it would be usefull for the electronics I would want to fit inside my bucket by the time it is finished for approval. So when I was in the hardware store, I came across this multimeter which actually is just what I need for the time beign. I dont need a big lumpy industrial version that can measure high voltage and what not. I just need to be able to tell if something is getting power or not, or if a resistance is blown. But to cut to the chase, its a PAN 20B made by Kopp and cost me about €16 and works just fine. Hope its usefull!! -----------
  10. My god that thing looks awesome!!! Wish I had the skills to make one of them for my planned HWT build...
  11. Found this exact same kit at a dutch online shop, for just €9,99! I havnt even ordered anything yet to start my journey but im tempted to get this already xD What kind of battery life are you getting with the triple AA batteries?
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