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  1. Hi, I believe you can change it in your profile: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?app=core&module=usercp&tab=core&area=displayname
  2. a statusbar which you can update? It's just like facebook/twitter! ASSUME!

  3. I'm also a redditor and use imgur, I would upvote this if I could Imgur also has a nifty crop/re-sizer tool in case you don't have an image editor of your own.
  4. The 501st members in Wien are probably hiding. Look in the sewers.
  5. "I NEVER REALLY KNEW VIENNA BEFORE THE WAR.... Constantinople suited me better." In the summer of '99, my family drove through Austria. We stayed one night in Innsbruck, at a motel aimed at ski tourists. It had an indoor pool. It was very nice, and I practiced the little German I knew on the hostess, a sweet old lady. I must admit, I sometimes mix together Schweiz and Österreich. Einmal geschmack ich ein sehr gut weissbier, aber ich errinnern nicht welcher land es war aus. If you will forgive my German.
  6. I thought I recognized that armor! Hope you aren't creeped out that perfect strangers can recognize you even behind a helmet
  7. The stormtrooper in the picture looks similar to Ed Karl of the Golden Gate Garrison - can anyone confirm?
  8. Well written post, this forum needs an upvote function
  9. SUPERFLY! You're gonna make your fortune by and by!

  10. Hi VICTOR, welcome to the FISD. You aren't by any chance Italian are you? Because then we could call you ROMA VICTOR.
  11. Then I understand your worries... yikes! It ain't exactly Arizona!
  12. Seriously, why did you contact the authorities in the first place? You should have just hoped they would look the other way - by contacting them and making them aware of it you may force them to act on something they wouldn't bother with otherwise. Why try to over-complicate things?
  13. Òrlendr


    Be sure to check out http://www.starwarshelmets.com/ And the Fan-made Stormtroopers section, which has pictures of the most common armors.
  14. Interesting - his thigh power belt is on his knee, and his shoulder straps are power belts too.
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