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  1. So is the humbrol black gloss in the picture wrong then
  2. Contacts rs, for what the armor costs I would have them fix it. You Paid good money for a suit that fitS
  3. Does hiding a turd make it stink any less? No, if it makes the armor look "rubish" just because it's covered doesn't change the fact. if I find a bad spot on a jet and cover it with something is it good now? No, and if you go into things with that mindset then your doing something wrong
  4. If your so confident that it's as easy as you say and won't affect the overall look of armor that wasn't made like that buy the pieces cut it and prove it then
  5. I'm fine with doing it, if it doesn't affect the overall flow of my armor, since joining the military I've become so anal about everything.
  6. I will just throw this in here. As a new guy who is just getting ready to start my build I now have no desire to pursue eib. Call me lazy, call me whatever you want.
  7. Thanks greg. I will definitely be hitting you up once my armor comes in. Hope to make it up to NYC to troop with you man
  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, I hope to be able to troop with all of you some day.
  9. Hey everyone, My name is Guy, I am originally from Tucson Az. I am currently stationed in North Carolina with the USAF. I have been lurking around the forums doing as much research as I can for a while. Just got on the list for the new AM Kit, being a bigger trooper 6'2 200lb I was recommended to choose that kit by a current trooper I know in NY. I am a avid star wars lover even have my own star wars tattoo, my fascination with trooping started around 2009 when I went to a event that had some members of the Dune Sea Garrison attending(pics below). finally now after 5 years things have lined up where I am finally able to start my own build, cant wait to troop with everyone in the future.
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