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  1. Man, got all excited reading this thread from the beginning! Feel so bamboozled! It seems a lot of folks like the CA for comfort - is there a specific type of Chelsea boot brand that's more comfortable than others (and paintable)? I'm pretty partial to the comfort of Sketchers... not that I have any health issues or anything, but I'm the type of guy who buys new cleats every 3 months just for flag football
  2. Thanks everyone - looking forward to a build and getting to trooping with many of you!
  3. Wow, either he's using a unit ship charge now, or changed the prices altogether. It might be worth a shot to even ping him and see if he'd offer any info on what he's done - just trying to help! I pulled up my last order below. The Duratex is a gallon jug of paint, about 11 pounds packaged hdwc1405 Penn Elcom Chevron Corner USD $0.50 8 USD $4.00 DuratexSG Duratex Spray Grade USD $52.50 1 USD $52.50 Sub Total: USD $56.50 Shipping and Handling: USD $10.04 Grand Total: USD $66.54
  4. I used to design shipping logistics for e-Commerce sites almost a decade ago. Once you factor in international shipping, it's a nightmare! There are entire software suites designed to assist business owners to design shipping charges... it's a tough one sir! Leland Crooks over at Speaker Hardware ( a small business owner who's dealt with the exact same thing you are dealing with now. I've never once had an issue with his shipping charges - and he's sent me gallon buckets of heavy paint (Duratex). He's a really nice guy - maybe he can help you out with some advice.
  5. I pulled the trigger on the armor set. Looking forward to getting the box! Wife, not so much! Kids definitely!
  6. Although the above shows the consensus is that most folks only order one or two items, surely you're not asking this because that's 100% accurate of your order history. To me, $9.99 is less than my actual shipping costs for most items I sell on ebay. I pay for boxes and packing materials, and the cheapest option available for me is at least $6.
  7. I have not yet! I was under the impression that I would need to suit up before joining. Thinking of pulling the trigger on a MTK kit.
  8. Looks like the waiting list for me will put me out of the hunt for Dragon*Con - sounds like this is pretty good feedback, so should I pull the trigger on MTK's kit? I'm 6'0 170#.
  9. Hey all - I've been lurking and reading and getting excited for many, many years, being in Atlanta and seeing the 501st many times at Dragon*Con, around Atlanta-area Star Wars events, and even at Star Wars Weekends. I think I'm finally ready to make the jump into getting my own armor and helping out! I e-mailed the address I found for ATA yesterday for a quote - hoping he gets back to me soon. I am not expecting to be able to do any trooping until late spring or maybe even summer, but I'd love to be able to participate in some events once the new movies start rolling - so the sooner I get some experience, the better! I haven't done any models in a long time, but I've been a pretty proficient woodworker for the past 6 years - building many pieces of furniture and all my speaker cabinets for my DJ/AV business. Hopefully the lessons in patience I learned from all of that will be helpful in the coming months. Thanks for all the support on these forums - I'm sure I'll be back on asking many, many questions. (And just FYI - The photo of my avatar is my 4-year old daughter beating up Vader a bit.) - Bobby
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