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  1. I've tried a couple gun bags like that, but they are too thin. I ended up going with a ski bag. It's a little long, but it lets me add some foam for protection.
  2. Buddy of mine found this for me. Should fit the gun nicely: Correction. The bag isn't wide enough I did manage to find a ski bag though that is a bit big, but fits the gun
  3. Hey guys, Just trying to find a way to transport my DLT. I'm leaving it attached, so at full length it's about 48inches. How do you guys transport your long blasters? I've been looking at soft gun bags, keyboard bags, even ski bags, but haven't really had much luck for the dimensions.
  4. It really is long eh? I always have to watch when going through doors or with lower ceilings. Thanks a lot for the kudos!
  5. DLT-19 is complete! I managed to work a more appropriate cover than a grill. The board is loud enough that it doesn't get too quiet with the cover in place. Let me know what you think!
  6. Aaron Lutsch TK-32794 DeathProof Outer Rim Garrison Armor = ATA; (Built by Pandatrooper) Helmet= ATA Blaster= DoopeyDoos/Gattaca Props Height = 5'11.5" Weight = 175lbs Boots = TKBoots Canvas belt = Pandatrooper Hand Plates = ABS(ATA); Rubber (AP) Electronics= Aker, Fans Neck Seal = Darman Holster = Darman EIB Request Thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/37632-tk-32794-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-ata-596/
  7. There should be enough airflow as there are holes everywhere for cables I will try to make a cover box that works within CRL requirements. If the sound gets muffled a little bit, that might be a sacrifice I have to make.
  8. Hi Andrew! Thanks for the feedback. I will do my best to make the changes you suggested. I've already fixed my butt plate by adding some nylon webbing between the kidney and the butt - while the elastic works, this helps keep it closer to my body. I was planning on adding an elastic to the top of my TKboots and attach it to the insides of the shins to prevent the boots from jutting out. I think this will also help keep them centered. I'll also add some foam though just to be safe I'll take care of the TD! Regarding the traps - I painted them based on their natural curvature. Cutting the angle off might look a bit odd if there is empty space within the dip (does that make sense?) It's an easy fix, but just curious if it's a make or break for centurion as I believe I've seen some helmets have this issue. Again, thanks for the feedback, and I'm already prepping for my centurion application! Cheers, Aaron
  9. I plan on just screwing in a metal cover with a nice grill so the sound can escape. For the sound card cover, I just screwed in a rounded piece of styrene. I started painting it, but the paint didn't stick at all. I also noticed a lot more bumps that I probably should go back and fill in
  10. Back to progress on the DLT. Huge thanks to my buddy Colin for helping me out. It's definitely been a workout trying to get the electronics to fit properly, but we're almost there. We made room for the sound card today, and I built a housing for a different speaker and got the working trigger together. If you do this, I highly suggest a hollow DLT We had to change out the speaker that came with the kit as it was round and didn't fit where we wanted to put it. I will also have to extent the wires to the trigger switch. The battery will be an A23 battery that we pop in behind the speaker. There will be a mesh grill that covers the speaker - not exactly accurate, but it will still look the part. I also have to build an access panel for the sound board.
  11. Since taking the photos I have shortened the bicep strap which has pulled the shoulders closer to my chest, closing the gap nicely
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