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  1. Yeah, that was my guess too. If anyone owns or has had experience trooping with PVC armor please chime in. Right now I am leaning toward ABS.
  2. The more TJ's the better. Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should choose ABS or PVC plastic for my armor? I cant find any info on the forums and would like some idea of which is more durable, detailed, etc. Thanks.
  3. Upgrades work great for me. Keep up the good work.
  4. I am going to order a doopy resin kit very soon. Thanks for making this.
  5. That would be cool. I will be sure to create a build thread so you can all comment and hopefully correct my mistakes.
  6. I heard a lot of people regret not doing EIB or Centurion right away, so I decided that it saves me time and money so why not? I doubt that I will make the first 300 EIBs though.
  7. That's why I'm going to buy the full kit. I don't know the wait time right now cause they haven't returned any of my e-mails.
  8. Thanks man. I am strongly considering getting a rs prop masters kit. It is centurion ready, and that is what I am looking to do. I can't wait to build that armor. Should be fun.
  9. I will probably get the full kit. He said on the website that he does not ship the DLT-19 to the US because shipping is almost the cost of the blaster itself. He does ship everything else.
  10. Cool. I think i will stick with the e-11 then. That doopydoo kit looks great. Plus doopydoo is the only provider of the dlt-19 and he doesn't ship that to the US. Is the pipe build more accurate than the hasbro conversion? They are both relatively inexpensive.
  11. If I did choose to go with the DLT-19, would I still need a holster to go EI? Sorry for all these questions, I just want to make the right decisions.
  12. So I should probably scratch build than. There are some good articles I have seen in the forums on how to do that. What method did you use for your 2 e-11s?
  13. I might have to hold off on the dlt-19. I already own a hasbro e-11. Are the conversions for the hasbro any good?
  14. Not much work to do now. Just a ton of waiting. Are there any people around my area that are fairly active on the forums? Also, what would be the best route to get a cheap dlt-19? I heard that one of the companies is not reputible.
  15. Thanks. I can't wait to get my hands on my very own armor! The suspense is killing me.
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