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  1. I need some help! I got my armor kit after returning from afghanistan and it's about time i get it put together! Anyone in the Tacoma, Olympia, or Seattle area that can help! Please lets me know! I'm a greenhorn to armor assembly! Thanks!
  2. If you have a kit of theirs id like to know what you think of it! i hear these guys are good so i wanna here some feedback from the masses!
  3. well i may have been a little late with my donation. SORRY! but i still hope you guys can put the money to good use for the Empire and the Star Wars fans who may not be able to express themselves how they want.
  4. i know you guys already got all the parts and such but i sent a little something on PP so we can really make this thing look good for Katie! OR you can buy yourselves some TACO BELL for all the hard work
  5. hey guys! i am brand new to this whole world. I am currently in Afghanistan and have limited access to the internet (thankfully i found this place). i am really trying to find good quality armor, and i need some suggestions. i am 5 foot 9 and about 170lbs. i prefer something with limited trimming. i am in no way a handyman. anyway all the help i can get is much appreciated! thanks all!
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