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  1. Welcome tyler! It looks like youre in squad 7 territory of the florida garrison. Have you signed up for the local boards? They can be found at www.fl501st.com. Im the XO of the local 501st group--once you get signed up there we will help you get squared away in short order!
  2. Bring this list and your armor to the next armor party, Jamie. We'll make a Joanne's run and fet you squared away. :thumbsup:
  3. Bring this list and your armor to the next armor party, Jamie. We'll make a Joanne's run and fet you squared away. :thumbsup:
  4. Looks great, Shiny. Pull thise forearms up and you're good to go.
  5. Welcome Greg. We'll have you up to EIB and running with Fire Team 7 in no time.
  6. Matt, This is the best i've got on my phone. Its an older one, but hopefully it works.
  7. Thanks for the input! We have an armor party coming up and i plan to put them all To good use!
  8. Yeah, i noticed the suspender part too, im going to use leather dye on it...as a stop gap i've already used sharpie on it. The third ear screw is a phillips! I never knew it needed to be flathead! i can update that easy peezy. Hows this for a bucket off? Lol
  9. Thanks for the input, mogwai! I do have webbing that snaps to connect my biceps and my shoulder bells but i didn't attach them for these photos bc we were in a hurry take the pics the rush to make a meeting regarding a charity event we're putting together. Are you referring to the return edge that's usually on the front of the forearm? ATA kits dont have them so I'm a bit confused there? The gloves are the nomex flight gloves that about half my squad wears, but if theres a better option out there for the EIB level short of the step-up to centurion rubbers let me know. I'm all in! Looking forward to hearing from everyone else!
  10. Edit: Kyle forgot to log out of my account and into his...so he commented on my pics as me. Haha! Winning!
  11. Name: Joe Coleman ID: TK5733 Forum Name: wolfgar Armour: ATA Helmet: ATA Blaster: DoopyDoos resin Height: 6'3" Weight: 195 lbs. Boots: TK Boots Belt: off-white canvas; Local maker Gloves/hand plates: Nomex gloves, ATA plates Electronics: i-Comm and Aker amp Neck seal: Darman, local maker Undersuit: two part; reebok top and bottoms Holster: Darman, local maker belt wasn't tightened all the way on the full-body shots so you could see a seperate butt-plate. picture with tape measure shows left side gap once belt is fully tightened.
  12. TK5733 requesting 501st status. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=14527
  13. Hello All, I just wanted to drop a note to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Joe and I'm currently building my first TK. I'm currently building my armor with a member of Squad 7 from the Florida Garrison and I should be meeting up with some of the other members of the local detachment this weekend at an armor party. If anyone has any help, tips or interesting anecdotes they want to send this way I'd love to hear them. I'd especially be intersted in any information folks have about E-11 or DLT-19 kits. Thanks!! Looking forward to completing my armor, getting out there and trooping and making folks days a little more memorable. Joe
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