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  1. I don't wear glasses and couldn't see out of the green lens hardly at all last night. Combine that with trying to bend over to put a piece of candy in a kids bag! Ugh! Finally I just took the lens out. Not as cool looking but I could actually see!
  2. I want to use the correct size brass split rivets. what size washer do you use on the inside to secure the elastic?
  3. Awesome, I'm not the only one keeping track! Just when I thought the spending would end... I started thinking with JUST another pair of boots, a BFG T-21, a backpack and of course another set of armor I could build a sandtrooper too!!! I mean I already have the neck seal, the body suit, all the strapping and the glue... It makes perfect sense!!
  4. Thanks guys! Plan on doing quite a bit of work on this over the three day weekend. I did a test fitting on my shins and I will definetly be taking the return edge off as you suggested Spectre. Good Call! Started on the cod piece I think I have it pretty well done. It's hard to tell, I keep looking at reference pics and dremeling I'm still not 100% happy. I got the biceps glued and the forearms glued. I'll post pics of the progress so far, very soon.
  5. Thanks Brian, Noah and Isaac! Last piece of the weekend. The butt plate, this one I questioned. It appears to me that the AM kit does not bend under as much as screen/other armor does. That said the extension past the mold line is hideous. So it had to go. I really didn't want the two snaps to show from my backside. Has anyone one bent the bottom in a little bit more?. Here is what I trimmed down... Butt Plate Top (not much work done on this one) Butt Plate Bottom (here's the big cut) Thoughts...
  6. It's looking good Isaac! You have come along way from the Bicep Wars! LOL Watching you muscle though got me to start my build, thanks again!
  7. I'm starting to look like Scarface, honestly it's abs dust! The mighty thighs, these I debated how much I wanted to take off. As I dremeled I thought I saw a vague returned edge line. Then again it may have been all that dust. Thighs Upper Thighs Lower
  8. Thanks Pfneisl. I happy to hear that my thread will be useful to other troopers. This site has giving me so much I really want to do my best to give back. My arms and legs are pretty skinny as well. I really don't worry about my size when working on the return edges. I looked up more screen accurate suits and tried to mimic them. Wait to you see how much abs I have to cut to get mine sized! Here's the before and after sniper plate I just finished. Sniper plate right side Sniper Plate Left Side
  9. Ok now for the infamous AM Shins! Big thanks to "RougueTrooper" for his thread: AM Armor Shins:The Proper Way To Assemble and Wear You definitely want to read that thread before doing anything with your AM Shins! So first things first, identify the pieces and mark them Now more return edge removal! Shin Top RA / BA Out Shin Top RB / LB IN Shin Bottom LB / RB IN Shin Bottom LA / RA Out
  10. Biceps Inside top Here's one of the Bicep Bottom after removal, I did them both before I could get a comparison Biceps Outside upper Biceps Outside lower
  11. So after reading a bunch of build threads I know what's out there and whats not. So I'm going to skip some of the traditional pics and move on to some that may be helpful to newbies like myself with an AM kit. So in order to bring my confidence up, I decide to start with trimming the return edges down on the arms and shins. Please feel free to critique my work, I would actually really appreciate it. So here are some rough cuts, nothing has been sanded yet. These are comparison pictures of the stock out of the box pieces to the ones I have gone to town on! First the forearms... Bottom of Forearms Top of Forearms Back of Forearms Bottom
  12. I finally broke out my AM armor that I bought in Nov of 2011! After watching "theissaac" muscle through his build. No pun intended. I decided I can do this and what better time than May 4th 2012! So I put all my research to the test and started cutting and grinding and taking pictures! My main source for this build was of course "pandatrooper" build thread. I also studied "troopermaster" builds, some not posted by him but by troopers who had him build their armor and were kind enough to take pictures of his work. I also really enjoyed watching Dave's Garage Builds videos on Youtube or "glastondebury" is his YouTube channel name. Really good stuff! Then there are bits and pieces from everyone here at FISD! I never stop learning! My Armor came from Mighty Tank from the StarGarrison, he was a great seller and the armor came super quick and packaged really well. Thanks to TK6294 for helping me make that connection! So why AM armor you might ask, well I got into this wanting two sets of armor a TK and a TD. So the AM is what I am going to cut my teeth on and then I hope to get a full set of TM armor once I feel more confident. I was also concerned with sizing, since I am a taller trooper. I'm leaning towards the AM being my TD and the TM being my TK but the jury is still out. That indecision may be reflected in my build. I'm 6'2" 195lbs skinny build, basically if I have fat its all in the middle! Ok enough chit chat, Lets build a Stormtrooper!
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