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  1. I don't know if anyone posted this, but it made my day. funny fan film
  2. Welcome! Just FYI, if you want a stormtrooper, then you've come to the right place
  3. I have two main ones: The first is marklin ho gauge trains. They cost alot though <_< (If I sold my collection i could probably get 4-5 T*E kits) and the second is making armor from the game Halo 1-3
  4. The garrison is the good old SoCal garrison. Makes me proud to live in socal
  5. Reflex? Reaper? Xterminator?
  6. Welcome Rich. one thing though, do you listen to pit biwer on rtl? Beacause thats my dad.
  7. Very nice job man. I hope mine turns out that good( I should be getting it within a few days )
  8. Am I the youngest here? I'm 14 and my armor should be here around Monday.
  9. Very nice man! Can't wait to get my armor.
  10. maybe all the fisd troopers should go at once in armor. then you go to the desk and have a imperial officer say"you may fire when ready". the guy at the desk would be like or
  11. Ya I have been snooping around for a few months already and finally got around to making an account So i have been looking at the diferrent(sp?) and have decided that FX would be the best choice for my budget and I'm not to particular on accuracy
  12. Thanks guys, my birthday is coming soon(thursday) so I might get the rest of the money I need for an fx kit then.
  13. Hey guys I'm new here so hi. I dont curantly have armor but I am working on it.
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