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  1. I am still getting this message The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.
  2. Having the same problem with Clonetroopers.net, won't let me in but won't let me set up an account because e-mail is already in use.
  3. Yes I plan on trooping with it if I ever get my armor done. It is glued together, now I have to strap it and get approved. I would love to add electronics to it, but I need some help with that. All of the led and sound kits for blasters are out of stock.
  4. yes, made it from a parts kit. More pictures of it are in the Blaster thread.
  5. The one I made for my dlt19 is 1 3/8 x 4 1/4.
  6. I have finished the dlt-19 side view on the bi-pod close up of the battery box and disc and side by side with a hyperfirm now that it is done I am thinking about adding a blaster core
  7. The ones in my real sterling are 1/4 - 20
  8. you can still find some complete parts kits, they are really expensive now. I bought this one in pieces, receiver and some other parts came from Sarco, some came from brpguns and some from gunbroker.com Hardest part to find was the barrel shroud.
  9. thought about it, but I'm not that familiar with the electronics. I could probably add them later, any suggestions on what type to use?
  10. just weight savings the barrel alone weighs almost 5 lbs
  11. 15 lbs, knew it was going to be heavy. Most of the parts on a MG34 are machined. I could probably shave about 2 - 3 lbs by getting rid of some of the feed tray mechanism. I have a hyperfirm also, when I get this one finished I'll take a side by side picture.
  12. thanks, wish I would have taken pictures during the welding. was worried about legal issues until I had the steel block welded in.
  13. closeup of the interrupted threads in the rear of the receiver. these were torch cut through, had to weld it together then grind some of the threads so the buffer would attach. barrel - not going to be used, probably put it on gunbroker.com strips and disc, still to be attached, also still have to make the battery box.
  14. left side receiver assembly right side receiver assembly complete left side complete right side
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