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  1. A petition has been filed with the White House to declare May 4th to become Star Wars Day in the USA. Please help and sign the petition. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/proclaim-may-4th-national-star-wars-day
  2. 5'6" so I hear the line often. Just reply "aren't you a little ugly to be a wookie?" It gets a laugh.
  3. Bill, Looks great, but the cod piece is way too big for you .
  4. The armor kit I purchased brand new (T/MC) cost less than this.
  5. Looks great. Keep up the good work!
  6. Bill, You are doing great. I'd be proud to wear that helmet. It really is nice work.
  7. Bill, Pretty close to the way I painted mine. I just used tape for the entire process, and did not use a shaped trapezoid to draw lines. Nice job!
  8. I had the same issue, and Trooperbay was able to send me some very nice ABS sheets.
  9. Simply reply "aren't you too ugly for a wookie." It works well and gets a laugh.
  10. I think the earcap will cover that and pull it in. I would suggest mounting the earcap and seeing if it is still an issue. If it is, you can remove the ear and add an extra anchor.
  11. Pictures please! You don't want anyone to visualize the issue and provide a solution, only to find out that their idea is different than your problem!
  12. I'm working on an EAS helmet and I've decided to replace the original speaker connection on the circuit board with a 1/8" jack so I can plug in earbuds. I can't read wiring diagrams, so can someone please help me read this? Here's the diagram that came with the jack, and a picture of the speaker connector on the board. Where do I put the ground and where do I put the speaker wires? I only need mono sound, as I'll be using 2 boards to get stereo. Thanks in advance! --------
  13. The tube stripes point to the back like a closing parenthesis )))))))))))))))))))) Are you handpainting? Awesome!
  14. Bill, Those ears should be trimmed more. You can still see the wavy part that is excess plastic. I'd trim the least possible, since they fit well. Ears often fit wonky with gaps. Its part of the life of a TK.
  15. Looks great Bill! Now get it done so you can troop with us!
  16. Bill, If you are coming to Allentown this weekend, bring the faceplate so we can see it up close!
  17. I'm also a 5'6" TK. I trimmed the bottom of my shins as suggested, and took off a very small amount (about 1/4") from the top of the thighs. I can move very well, and the armor is comfortable. I walked 3/4 of a mile in it at a troop 2 weeks ago with no ill effects.
  18. http://mynocksden.com/projects/stormtrooper-helmet-upgrade/environment-amplification.html
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