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  1. Mike,

    I received the helmet bag that my wife ordered for my birthday. It's really great. And, I wanted to thank you sooooo much for the belt and other goodies. Really appreciate your kindness. And, will definitely continue shopping with you for more awesome stuff.

  2. I apologize if this has been explained elsewhere and I haven't seen it, but I am looking to find out where to get a hold of a conical disc used to mod MG-34 into DLT-19.
  3. Finished my helmet today.... well, going to need fans. But anyway here it is.
  4. Thanks Tony. I forgot about this one. It was one of the first I looked at before wanting to mod it with electronics so I had dismissed it as too light. But, I think it might be just what I want.
  5. So, I am nearing completion of my armor and have assembled almost everything I need to put my backpack together. And, I have kind of hit a wall. I have been researching MG-34s/DLT-19s on and off for several weeks, but can't find something that will suffice for what I want to do, which is basically a DLT-19 that I can mod with sound and lighted barrel like the one seen here . Hyperdyne has not replied to any of my inquiries. Doopydoos doesn't deliver to america. Hyperfirm is solid. Niko's are solid. Blaster Builder's Club is solid wood. Does anyone have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi all. I'm working on my first helmet and the rubber seal over the eyes keeps smudging, leaving black marks over my fingers and the helmet. I tried cleaning it with dishwashing liquid, but it still leaves black marks. Is there any way to prevent this?
  7. Great pics. Looks like tons of fun. When my armor is finished my first mini field exercise I have planned is to hang out in front of the Empire State Building.
  8. Wow. I jst found this thread. What a great job! I mean I really do not like those ewoks, but your furballs really brought a smile to my face. It's great that you can share this with them.
  9. Here is an update on my progress. It's coming along. (Haven't strapped up the thighs yet, s they're hanging lower than they will.)
  10. Okay. So, after awhile of knowing I'm not happy with my weight, the thing that motivated me to get to a gym was wanting to look good in my armor. So, today I joined a gym and started working out. I rode a bike for 6 miles in 30 minutes and did 15 minutes on treadmill at a very fast walk. So, starting today, 7/14/10 I'm 5'11" and weigh 215lbs. My target is 180lbs. I intend to go 4 days a week and kind of have to show up because my boss is now my workout partner. I'm not changing what I eat, however I am cutting back on the portions.
  11. First, I just want to thank everyone who has come before and shared their wisdom and know-how helping to make this dream come true, especially TK-6744 of the Empire City Garrison (thanks Chris). This is my first attempt at building a suit of Stormtrooper armor. It will basically be worked on on weekends. I am creating a Heavy Weapons Trooper. The armor is AM ordered from Trooper Supplies (troopersupplies@hotmail.com). The guys over there were very helpful and even threw in some extra goodies with my order including a pauldron. I have decided to go with a snap system and found a nice kit specifically marketed for Stormies at -----which comes with 35 snaps, elastic for straps, pliers, and piercing tool. So, without further ado this is it so far. STEP 1 THIGHS I decided to go with the thighs first. The kit is supposed to be good for bigger builds. I'm 5'11" 215lbs. So, I went with it to be on the safe side. After trying it on, it was big and did require some extra trimming. I then lightly sanded the two surfaces to be joined on the outer thigh, leaving the inner thigh to be joined with velcro. After being sure to clean off all the dust, I applied E6000 glue to both surfaces and then joined the two pieces and clamped them. And repeat for the second one. STEP 2 FOREARMS As you can see below from the trimmed and untrimmed versions of the Inner Forearm piece, there is a lot of play for bigger builds. After fitting the Forearm pieces, I scored and trimmed the Inner Forearms. I then taped them off the Inner Forearm pieces to indicate where I'd sand and left the tape to catch any glue escaping from the joint. Then sanded the Outer Forearm. I glued one seam and left the other to be connected with velcro. Well that's it for this weekend. Any input appreciated.
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