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  1. Thats cool, Anthony, just share my proud to Lin Ku here, mine are in forum of MYPD Deployed. BTW, I am also proud of those 3 Chinese Experts from Singapore.
  2. 2010年5月5日,第501师台湾驻军成员TK 6509 阿喨(Wang Ling Ku),以其精心制作的第四部曲特技版帝国暴风兵道具盔甲,向世界第501师帝国暴风兵支队"第一帝国暴风兵支队,First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD)"提出达人级道具盔甲认证的"资深步兵员,Expert Infantryman Badge(EIB)"资格。 TK6509 Requesting ANH Stunt EIB Status 阿喨凭其高像真度的道具盔甲成果,经FISD仅仅一个多小时的审核后,阿喨即顺利地成为全世界501师第113位成员;直至目前为止全亚洲继星加坡、菲律宾及日本后第7位成员;中国、台湾及香港大中华地区的第一位华人,取得了"资深步兵员"的达人级帝国暴风兵道具盔甲认证资格。 阿喨并立即地被列名于第一帝国暴风兵支队的世界资深步兵员成员名册中。 阿喨自加入第501师台湾驻军后对外出席活动的热情是有目共睹的,阿喨对内因狂爱星战自我要求而取得达人级帝国暴风兵道具盔甲认证资格,更是锦上添花值得各位华人引以为傲! _________________________________________________________
  3. 因為自己平時也有華人的星際大戰網站及第501師台灣前哨站的事務要處理,所以應該不會常上來這裏。 我會請TK6509常上來這裏作為FISD與第501師台灣前哨站的聯絡人。 因为自己平时也有华人的星际大战网站及第501师台湾前哨站的事务要处理,所以应该不会常上来这里。 我会请TK6509常上来这里作为FISD与第501师台湾前哨站的联络人。 Since I have to deal with matters of my own Chinese Star Wars fan site and Taiwan Outpost, so I won't be a frequent visitor in this forum. I will ask TK6509 by frequently as possible by visiting this forum as if a contact person between FISD and Taiwan Outpost.
  4. Agree with Gordon of the change. Again, Paul, brotherhood from Rose Parade, so kind of you by taking the effort of starting a Chinese section of forum.
  5. Hey, you get the basic concept about our usuage of language. All of the Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong read traditional Chinese while simplified Chinese for all the Mainland folks. For Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia, seemly they mixing use of traditional and simplified. For the traditional user of Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong, we can read most of the simplified Chinese since those wordings are "simplified" from "traditional". For your interest, in dialect, Taiwanese and Mainlander speak Mandarian while Hong Kongese speak Cantonese. To the Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia, m
  6. Oh! Thank you of your kind consideration to Chinese troopers, Paul. Salute! Seemly you were using translating programme, if I have time, I might help to translate the EIB requirements to Chinese.
  7. Ken 阿喨! CONGRATS! 恭喜! Greetings! Paul 保羅,你好 (Paul, Ne Hao)
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