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3D Parts and Technical

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Welcome 3D Parts and Technical.

What you will find in this section:

A home for all things 3D print related pertaining to FISD costuming.

Weather you are a Pro CAD designer, own a 3D printer, use basic 3D design software to create printable files or are looking to learn about printer set up, and technical advice these new forums are for you.

If there is one thing FISD is great at doing , it's sharing information about all aspects of our costuming, and it's all thanks to the diverse talents of our membership. Troopers helping Troopers, and that is exactly what this group of discussions is all about.

The more content you put in, the more we all get out.

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  1. 3D File Depository

    The home for free 3D Files and sharing. This is all about Troopers helping Troopers, a single location to keep any 3D files offered by extremely generous FISD members for use free of charge. Please be respectful of any usage stipulations placed on files by the creators.

  2. 3D Printer owners

    Your place to discuss 3D printers and printing, offer and receive advice on set up, settings, mods Tips n Tricks and general discussion.

  3. 3D CAD Designers and Tinkerers

    A home to show off your CAD designs for blasters and FISD related costume parts and accessories. Offer a design service, advice on specific software, or just want to help a trooper out.

    You now have a place here on FISD .


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