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E11 Proffie Blaster ANH

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Greetings everyone!  I am Tom Tilmon, and while I'm not that well known here on FISD, I have been a long time stalker, and a recently approved TK.  I am TK-74759.  I'll be taking some more photos soon, and I'll post a freshly approved thread where appropriate.  I am better known on Sith Lord Detachment, because in addition to my TK, I have an approved TFA Kylo.  While building my TFA Kylo, I gutted my Black Series Lighsaber, and well, since then I have gone a bit saber mad.  I own a small Lightsaber company called:  Megtooth Sith Sabers.  Hence my moniker here.


Now that we have dispensed with the Bull, I recently got into 3D printing, and made @trooper96Bryan Roller's Model of the E11, which is really cool in its own right!  But in lieu of the spring, I designed a chassis to fit into the blaster behind the bolt.  I also cut out the Hegstler Counter, and plopped in a SSD1306 OLED Display.  I actually turned the functioning button beneath the counter into my auxiliary switch, by putting a tactile switch into the housing that Byran's plunger depresses.  I have 6 wires coming out of the Hegstler housing:  2 switch wires, and 4 wires for the OLED.  I did have to drill holes coming out of the counter, as well as going into the gun.  In addition to the mods in the Counter box, I also added a tactile switch behind Byran's resetting trigger, which acts as my "main" switch.  I routed those wires up through the switch housing, but still retained Bryan's designed indexing selector switch functionality.  I did not tie the selector switch into the proffie board, as my aux switch in the counter serves to "reload" and change fonts.  The below video is long on youtube, but in the expanded comments I have links to all the stuff to build this, including my config file and wiring diagram for Proffieboard. I did use a 7/8"  LED Module from The Custom Saber Shop, as well as a Red, REd, Blue Custom Tri Cree for the shot propogation.  This module includes a carclo lens, I'll link those below as well.  I did secure the LED mdule with epoxy to the front of the bolt.  I think any redesign, I'd just make onel long chassis in lieu of Bryan's bolt.  I did have to cut the back half of the bolt off, where the spring would seat, as well, I cut off the part of the bolt you cannot see opposite the charging handle to make wire routing much easier.  In spite of some imperfections in my build, I'm pretty proud of this technological terror I've constructed! I used a proffie 1.5 in this build, but my chassis works for all 3 current iterations of Proffieboard.  Cautionary note:  I used 30 ga PTFE wiring, which has thin/strong/mil spec/heat resistant insulation.  because 13 wires are routed though the chassis from the blaster, the hole I designed will only work with thin PTFE wires of 30 ga!  I use Powerwerx wire, I'll include that link.   The config file would have to be slightly modified if you wanted to use a Gen2 or Gen3 Proffieboard, but that is easy.  I have a youtube channel with all sorts of help videos on Proffieboard here:  Megtooth Sith Youtube  NOTE:  If you do decide to build this as I did, the tri cree LED and Lens combination are a low class laser.  Do not look into it, or point it at anyone's eyes, unless it is greatly diffused!  


Without further blah blah, here is my blaster in action, as well as some of the build out/installation:



Bryan Roller's Model:  STERLING SMG MK4 (L2A3) by TK14082 - Thingiverse

Bryan Roller's E11 additions for ANH on above model:  E11 BLASTER (EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE) ACCESSORY KIT by TK14082 - Thingiverse

My 3D Chassis model for Proffieboard, 2.1mmRCP, 18650 Keystone battery holder, and 28mm bass speaker:  E-11 Chassis that works with Bryan Roller's Sterling E11 Model to convert it to functioning prop with Proffieboard by TomTilmon - Thingiverse


Buy yourself a Proffieboard:  ProffieBoard v2.2 - Open Source Sound Board | Electronics123


My config file:  E11 Proffie 1.5 Config - Pastebin.com


My wiring diagram:  https://imgur.com/8IISdGL


TCSS 7/8 LED Module:  .875" OD Heatsink module with center hole (thecustomsabershop.com)


TCSS tri cree lens:  18deg Tri-Rebel/Cree Star Lens (thecustomsabershop.com)


TCSS Tri Cree (order Red, Red, Blue):  Custom Tri-Cree LED with modified base (thecustomsabershop.com)


18650 keystone holder:  18650 Single Cell Holder (thecustomsabershop.com)


28mm speaker:  4W 28mm WOWSpeaker (thecustomsabershop.com)


2.1 mm RCP:  Switchcraft 2.1mm Power Jack (thecustomsabershop.com)


Rotational Kill Key for 2.1 MM RCP, will turn your recharge port into an on/off switch!  Kill Key x 4 - with On/Off slot (TTXEEY3S8) by Rick_D_Ryo (shapeways.com)


Battery:  Keeppower Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 3200mAh PCB Protected Rechargeable Battery (thecustomsabershop.com)


PTFE wiring:  PTFE High Temperature Stranded Wire | Powerwerx  (make sure you only get 30 gauge, and also get lots of colors so you don't get confused)


My video on programming proffieboards, its long but detailed and timestamped so you can skip to what you need:  



Fett263's website for Proffieboard resources:  Fett263 Proffieboard ProffiePixel Lightsaber Resources


Happy building troopers!





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add in kill key and tri cree cautionary statement
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