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TK85751: Sure I'll do another Black Series GE Trooper


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Figured I'd give my shot as being annoying again since I believe we have more reference material than we had with the Pathfinders Mountain Trooper, its just a red FOTK with a cape no need to be anal about anything....


I still don't know how we managed to pull that one off but I love gloating about it and waving it around because I'm a special unicorn lol. 

But yeah why not I have two FOTK kits in my possession and selling a Jim kit with all the DN kits isn't going to happen easily with all the cracks so if I have to repaint it whatever I'll do it and even if not approved I'll still troop in it because where I'm at in SRS we have Tier 3 events where you can trooper in unapproved kits anyway.


Just trying to make up my mind if I need a TFA bucket or a TLJ bucket and source out the cape. Have most parts sanded and painted. Using the No more drama red from Behr, my sith trooper buddy used it and it looks amazing. So far it's been a simple process. Strip off the clear coat put down the red, sand with 2k put another coat down 3k another coat 3k clear



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