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MaskedVengeance's ANH Stunt to ESB Conversion [ATA]

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With my ANH Stunt build finally complete (though I still need to catch up on updating that thread) and approved to L3 I'm now turning my attention to the first of three conversions. First out of the gate will be the ESB variant since it will require the least amount of work, and my goal is to complete it to L3 standards. At this point I've acquired all the components needed and below is my conversion checklist.



Helmet (using my raffle-won WTF bucket)

  • Remedy brow trim height (lower)
  • Strip all existing paint except on hovi tips
  • Apply ESB decals from Trooperbay
  • Re-sand and paint frown teeth black
  • Touch up white hardware paint on ears, improve countersink holes
  • Finesse ear fitment to face and cap (sanding)
  • Sand hovi tips for clean white rim look (currently has black over-paint)
  • Reinstall fallen-out hovi tip mesh (already proper wider variety)




  • Convert ANH holster with tan straps to black looped ESB style
  • New belt from Imperial Issue (Rob Kittell) to eliminate ANH holster screw holes
  • New rubber gloves from Joseph (downsized to small from previous medium)
  • Clamshell hand guards from Joseph (unsure of armor maker)
  • ESB Hellhounds E-11 blaster (lacking hengstler counter and power cylinders)





Justin's Anovos ESB Conversion

Luca's RS ESB Conversion

ESB Expert Infantry Visual Checklist

ESB Centurion Visual Checklist

TheRascalKing's (Justin) Anovos Centurion submission

CallMeMrTibbles (Richard) RWA Centurion submission

Cleantrooper (Brett) TM Centurion submission

giskard8 (Arthur) TM Centurion submission







Table of Contents (links updated as posts completed)

     Introduction Post with Checklist and Resources

     Helmet Modifications

     Belt and Holster Conversion

     Clamshell Handguards

     Hellhounds E-11

     Submission Photos


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