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[22] TK-72410 (SorceressSupreme) Troop Log

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Ok I'll be keeping track of my troops here moving forward. 



2-23-17, Providence Pediatric Anchorage visit

3-23-17, Providence Pediatric Anchorage visit

4-22-17, American Heart Association Walk

5-27-17, Fourth Avenue Theater "May the Fourth be with You"

7-4-17, 4th of July Parade
7-13-17, Providence Medical Center Visit

7-21-17, ANMC Ronald McDonald House Visit

9-30-17, SenshiCon 2017

10-1-17, SenshiCon 2017

10-7-17, Barnes & Noble College Gate Elementary Book Fair (Star Wars Reads Day)

12-14-17, Providence Medical Center Visit



1-15-18, Alaska Make-A-Wish Sendoff
3-4-18, Alaska Make-A-Wish Wish Grant

7-4-18, Anchorage Fourth of July Festival

7-4-18, Wasilla 4th of July Parade



1-17-19, Providence Hospital Visit

1-24-19, Last Day of Chemo Party

4-13-19, SWCC



1-25-20, 20th Annual Guns N Hoses Charity Hockey Game


8-7-22, C2E2 

10-29-22, Arts in the Dark



10-28-23, 4th Annual Upside Down Halloween Parade 

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