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Grande Prairies Family Pride Carnival 2019

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Just wishing to share my Pride weekend with any of you that may appreciate it.

(As always, there’s no room for hatred or unacceptance in my thread. These are my thoughts and experiences in my armor.)


As I’ve posted before for the past few years, In our Rural Albertan area, we have a Pride weekend. Where we celebrate love and acceptance. As Family and friends.

It’s a Family affair which involves all members of ones families in the Peace Country Region to come and support one another, their loved ones, and be together in a healthy, accepting, inclusive way. Celebrate whom we are as individuals.


I always am honoured to be there. Love is love. We all deserve to be loved and cherished. Free of abuse and condemnation. By our choice of partners, our friends, family of choice and family of origin. Treated with kindness and equality. Whether we are straight or gay. If you are fortunate enough to have found your one true love, in anyone, you are lucky. Cherish it. Fight for it. Celebrate it. Hold onto it. Support it.

I’m always happy to see love. And offer support.


This event troop, 4 years ago that directly followed the Orlando shooting, was the first ever Pride event to be an official recognized troop by the Legion. As well, was the first for the community of Grande Prairie. My heart was full of love and pride to be there at the very beginning, and I experienced it with several of my Garrison mates I love dearly. This Family event is unique for a pride event, and it holds a very special, meaningful place in my heart. Many incredible things I experienced this weekend 4 prides ago.

On a personal note, I struggled to attend this year and felt like a piece of my heart was missing.


But I went. I supported. I hugged families there supporting their sons and daughters. Husbands walking hand in hand with their children. Wives with their children. Surrounded by their straight family and friends. People being together feeling safe to be who they really are. Youth being able to be who they are with no fear. I’m glad I was there.


The masses that stopped by our booth were so grateful we were there. The hugs were real. The love I witnessed was real. It was so beautiful to witness, it was actually heart wrenching. Life is so strange. I’m grateful I shared this day with those in our garrison that also wished to experience the day together. I know it touched their hearts. It’s amazing what you can experience and create in and through our armor.


Sharing with you the love of our Squadron, Garrison, Legion, community members and myself.


Happy Pride weekend.


With a grateful heart,

Teresa. TK 41307. SoulArt. Geeky Pink.







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