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Lord of the Rings Sting


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So I don't have much to do right now until school starts, April 30th. So here is my project!


I was given a replica of Sting from the Lord of the Rings a while back and it is not quite as accurate as I would like. So I want to help it along. Note that I do not intend to make this 100% screen accurate, if I wanted that, I would probably start from scratch. Here are pictures of my Sting.




And it taken apart. Notice the weld of the bolt. Not so straight.




Here's the real deal.






Here are the main changes that I want to accomplish. 


  1. Color
  2. Width of Hand Guard
  3. Fix Scabbard Details

My plan is to get bondo and other materials to make a master and then mold and cast copies so I can play around with different designs. Stay tuned! 



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Hand Guard!


So after looking at the real sting I realized that mine is too fancy! 




There is only detail on one side of the guard, not both. 







This actually makes this a lot simpler. I will get bondo and smooth out the one side. I also sketched out how much wider I need to make the guard. Currently it is 11cm but for it to look right I need add 1cm to each side making a total of 13cm. The sketch above shows the proposed shape.

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Okay, last post for today. To simplify the scabbard I cut of the frilly bits.




Here I shaped one of the parts and attached it back on the right side.





I then made a paste out of superglue and baby powder to fill the gaps. I'll be able to sand this down later.




I am glad at the rate this is going. I am heading into Salt Lake tomorrow to pick up some silicone and resin. I still am not sure how I will mold these yet, so any input would be valuable. 


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