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Community Run Inventory/ Resource Document

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Over the weekend I had some troopers at an armor party receive armor in that was missing parts and rather than get upset I've been on a kick to preach inventory as first step in the build process.

I heard a comment from another veteran that had a similar mind as mine and was wondering why there were no checklists etc, was his first experience receiving hard armor. A lightbulb kicked on in my management set mind and I created a community shared document with various armor makers and a list of what should be included.


I invite the community here to help contribute to the document and hope it helps as something that is helpful during BBB days and helpful to any makers. Please if you make any edits just note what you did below on each tab (there is tab for each maker)

The link to edit is : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1G7usSreG_5YJ7t6MQUvHhqmAfzB6zzehsRPnhbH45aw/edit?usp=sharing

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