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Shorter person leg question

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My wife and I are building her a KW Fem TK.  She is not even 5ft tall, so some trimming of the armor is needed.   Done the helmet and torso already and so far the torso appears ok, but the legs pieces are too long.  


For both the the thigh and calf pieces, I am thinking of taking an inch or two off.  Should I take it off the top or bottom of the pieces?  I was thinking bottom for the thigh since at least the front is largely covered by the knee.  The calf I am not sure which - the top is somewhat covered by the knee but the bottom may not be as noticeable...







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Keep in mind that these parts are contoured pretty significantly.  I'd recommend taking off from the bottom of the calf, and mounting it as low as you can on the boot (they sit pretty high on my wife's boots).


For the thigh, that's a tough one. Taking off anything will remove the return edges. Will you be heat bending new returns?  Perhaps you can just mount the thighs higher, which will end up with less of a gap between the cod and the thighs (not a bad thing).

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Sorry to take so long to reply, but posting in case others can benefit.  What I found it that the armor fit the torso fine, but the legs, particularly the thighs, needed shortened.  I ended up cutting about 1.5 inches off the top of the thighs, and then using a Lineman's pliers I slowly and carefully created a new return edge.  I originally was going to use the hot iron method, but in practicing on scraps, I was having trouble being consistent.  With the pliers, I was able to ensure a constant line and bend.  Trick is to not bend too much in one time and to go slow.



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