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Big Deal

A Rogue One E-11 Attempt

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While I waited for armour I had started playing with a Hasbro/Doopy Doos build. I wasn't sure at the time how detailed I would get and then I realized that a Hasbro blaster would only get me so far anyways. But then I gave up on Anovos and ordered from Jimmi a Rogue One TK. So I had this blaster mod started and thought I'd try to go about attaching a rail and flashlight to make it a little more Rogue Oneish, although I'll eventually be getting a more screen accurate blaster to hopefully get me to the rake of Expert Infantry.


So really this was just a little bit of fun I had while I got in gear to tackle an armour build. I won't bore anyone with all of the details - but maybe people can learn from my mistakes along the way.


So here are the basics - sanded down all the words on the blaster...



Cut out the rail (which I wasn't going to do originally but once I got started it seemed like the thing to do...



I also started filling in screw holes - which in retrospect I should have waited on doing.


So I did all most of the doopy doo add-ons and triming - protected the LED very carefully...



Then after I decided I may as well take off the extra fin on the lower left and add the holes so that the blaster would make it to Expert Infantry - even if I never use it that way.




When I drilled the holes I mangled the wiring for the LED pretty bad. The bit I used just dug into the plast too quickly. Speed kills man. This is when I started to regret filling the screw holes and glueing on the doopy doo parts. I figured I would do a lot of damage at this point try to get everything apart.


So I just kept going and painted and weathered a bit.


My parts arrived that I had ordered off of ebay. I went cheap because I wasn't too sure how this would work.

I ordered a rail....


A small tactical flashlight that included a mounting bracket...


And I had ordered some Chicago screws (2")...





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I drilled through both sides of the blaster (I hadn't added the extra fins yet) I think because the Hasbro blaster is scaled down a bit the screws didn't really line up with the holes already there.


I had to use the screws that came with the Chicago screws even though the screws from the rail were the same thread. The rail screws were a bit longer and the Chicago screws became solid at a certain point so they would only take a really short screw.

Also I had to cut about 3/16" of of the Chicago screws...



This is what's visible on the left side of the blaster (before t-rails installed)...



Here you can see that the rail is large enough to cover the screw heads on that side...



Here is the clamp added to the rail - I had to notch out the adjoining t-rails. Not sure if this is because the Hasbro blaster is just a little smaller? It wasn't a

lot, just about a millimeter.



And here is the light. It's a bit too big and I have ordered a replacement to see if I can get a little closer.



Also - if you look into ordering these import flashlights, see if they come with a battery. They seem to take an odd size. I didn't select the "with battery/charger option" so I had to order a battery and charger after the fact.





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Also to add to the mistakes. When ordering batteries and chargers, make sure they use the appropriate wall outlet to your location/country. 

So now, on top of a flashlight I probably won't use, I also have a battery for it that I can't charge because it came with e EU charger. 


Adaptor ordered...

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