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Legacy Fem CRL - rivets versus snaps on ab plate - clarification

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Hi Everyone,


Ok, there is a point that is very unclear for me on the CRL of the Legacy Era Female - in regards to the abdominal plate.


The CRL reads:


Abdomen Armor 
For 501st approval:

  • Two rivets, approximately 5/16"(8mm) diameter, are present on the left side of the abdomen armor, covered by chest/back armor and the belt boxes.
  • Two male snaps on the top right corner and bottom right corner of the ab plate are present, covered by chest/back armor and the belt boxes.


So we are talking here about the ab plate - the left front side for the rivets, and the right front side for the male snaps.  These two parts of the armor obviously never connect together as they are merely the opposite sides of the same frontal piece.


Can someone please clarify what the term 'rivet" and "male snaps" mean in this instance?


For me a rivet is a rivet - the little decorative tab on the useless mini pocket on the front of jeans.  By rivet, does this mean an actual, non functional 8mm rivet for decorative purposes (I think not) or do they mean the butt end of a male snap? Or do they mean the back end of a female snap?


My male snap, does this mean the phallic end of a standard Line24 male snap?


Whatever the case, it would seem to me that this is 4 holes that need to be drilled into your armor - so not a place where you can snap plate.


i want to be very clear on this.  :6: I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.



Abdomen Armor 
For 501st approval:
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I may have found the answer. Yeah, they do mean literally a rivet.  Now obviously I would not use a sub-standard method to close a VERY important piece to my armour.  The CRL says it must be present - it does not say it must be used. So if this stands I would put in the rivet (hidden anyways) ground down on the outside, with glue, for show only.


HOWEVER, bzb was kind enough to share with me that he just submitted some edits to the Legacy Fem CRL.  One of the things proposed was getting rid of the rivet thing anyways.  So hopefully it all gets sorted before I finish. :-)

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