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ANH Holster

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I have some leather left over from another project.  I have a question about the holster.  I have a a template set up for the over all shape and size.  All of which I think are spot on.  However I can not determine if there are rivets or not on the holster side.  The back of the holseter I know is stiched closed.  However are there also rivets keeping the sides closed or is it just the stitching.  I can sew through a 8 ounce hide no worries, but I would like to do this right versus guessing. 


I looked for pictures on the internet and here on the gallery, but nothing is conclusive to me as I see both.  I also see an option for no stitching and 3 rivets used to close  them. 


Any chance you can point me in the correct direction. 

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