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Are these acceptable boots for Centurion?

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I just got some Brogini Jodhpurs. They are acceptable for 501 and nice. Not going for Centurion myself. Half size was a bit difficult to get and mine are probably too tight, butthey are reasonably priced and I have no other complaints. No markings other than the pull strap which can be removed.

Congrats on the new boots. But a pair of boots that are too tight, sounds like a challenge when trooping...

No need to remove the pullstrap, as the original boots had one as well.


The Broginis are fine for EIB and CEN, they just need a light scuffing

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Well the real question its whether I want to send them all the way back to England. I will walk around the house in them a bit first.Sent from my SGH-T989 using Tapatalk 2

Ok..., depending on their quality a cobbler can sometimes expand them for you.....alternatively, soaking them in water and inserting shoetrees or walking in them when they are wet sometimes works (an old soldiers trick).

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I didn't want to start another thread, and didn't want to risk hijacking someone else's thread, but this thread seems the appropriate place for my post.   :)


I've been doing some research into boots to get, and here are a couple I have found.  I'd like to know people's opinions on these:





hi, i'm a newby but followed the boots strories for a while.

i found these, but i think the seam in the front is not so good or does it not belong?




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