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HWT Observations

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I've been looking at these dudes a lot lately, and though I have no immediate plans to build one, I've been putting some research into them.


First, here's some more hi-def screens for everyone.




And here's one that's just a cool pic, but isn't the best for details.





Some observations on the HWT backpack:


The pack is comprised of 9 components, being:

  • The main body, which (if my scaling is accurate) should be about 18" x 15" x 5". Attached to this, clockwise from the top left, are:
  • A rectangular box at top left, with a round-ended panel, with four buttons
  • A feature on the top face, slightly right of center, resembling a filled-in handle. Directly below it:
  • *this one I find hard to identify from most angles it appears to be a cylinder (very close to an O2 can with a panel covering the entire outward-facing side. however, it looks slanted and weird when seen from the left, could be an animation fault* help anyone? top middle
  • A cuboid box at top right, with vents on the top face bordered by an inverted U-shaped frame
  • A long tube, similar to that of a Sandtrooper backpack, 22-24" long, has a detail (similar to O2can) with 5 bumps on both front and back sides; the tube itself is attached to the main body on the outside/back edge (the edge further from the wearer)
  • A trapezoidal box at middle right, with 3 (ridges? not sure if they go inward or outward) details on a plate attached to the front (slanted) face
  • A cylinder with a white conical projection at the bottom right
  • A box, bottom right, at this level of detail is it the same as a Sandie's radio or something else? I don't know my Sandie stuff... Radio box appears tobe about 6"x9"


Given how box-ey the main body is, I would suggest a guitar case-style construction would be the easiest way to accurately replicate it. You could use much lighter ply (not having to protect a guitar) and it would be possible to make the whole thing a useable storage space.


I am in the process of making a 3D mockup of this pack, to hopefully better illustrate these things, once I have done more scaling and nailed down the details better.

Is anyone good at using sketchup?

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