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FISD Net-Etiquette DOs and DON'Ts


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FISD Net-Etiquette DOs and DON'Ts (supplemental Rules)


We want you to start posting your brains out, but first, a lesson in this forum’s netiquette: the Do’s and Don’ts below pretty much boil down to “Be nice.†So, please be nice to each other! If you violate the Don'ts, your post may be removed and you may be suspended or even banned.




-Start posting. Ask questions, let people know what you’re thinking about, be funny, be serious, You don’t have to write a novel, just break your thoughts down into easily understood bullets or paragraphs, don’t go crazy with the color coding, try to avoid one-word responses, and don’t yell at us by using all-caps.


-Spell check. We don’t expect you to be perfect, but make sure people can understand you: run a spell check and make sure your grammar makes sense before you post. remember, people from all parts of the world visit the FISD so making your post easy to understand is a courtesy. (excessive use of "slang" can be very hard to understand for a lot of people)


-Use descriptive & interesting titles. Titles like “I need help!†don’t describe what you’re talking about. Making sure people know what you’re talking about just from reading the title will help get eyeballs on your post, using all-caps or l33t speak won’t.


-Report rule infractions. If you think a post violates the Don’ts below, help us by reporting it. The mods notice who’s taking care of the community and those people are appreciated greatly. If you see something in a thread that needs to be addressed, please notify a moderator by using the report button.


-Check the forums for the topic you want to talk about before you post. Someone may have already answered your question or started the conversation.


-Post about topics that don’t have a forum. Can’t find the right forum? Head to the NCO Club area if you’re posting about non-stormtrooper-related stuff, or the Star Wars genre if appropriate.


-Get creative with your signature. There are some guidelines and rules below. Also huge signatures clutter up threads, try to keep the size to a minimum.


Promoting your own business

We understand that many members run their own businesses or home-based sales operations and we don't want to stop you mentioning this. Please keep your talk of business, however, within the context of editorial conversation. If someone has a discussion with you about what you do, fine. Don't, however, respond opportunistically to threads just to promote your services. Anyone trying to fool the system by starting fake conversations will have their posts removed without comment.


Post Requesting "DONATIONS" From time to time our members ask to post information about a fund raiser or other support event for charity. This is a great thing, but If you are participating in or wish to promote a charitable event, please contact the FISD staff via PM for permission first. We only allow posts that are in support of registered non-profit organizations and donations must be made directly to the organization in question via the internet. No requests for cash, money orders, checks or paypal to an individual, or personal address will be permitted. All such requests must be approved by the FISD staff PRIOR to being posted.





-Troll, flame, or be offensive. We’ll remove posts we think are ethically, racially, religiously, or sexually offensive, insulting, demeaning, harassing, threatening or just non-constructively negative. We reserve the right to immediately delete any posting or ban any user at our sole discretion.


-Swear or post inappropriate, suggestive or graphic images or videos. Keep it clean. We have a language filter that *bleeps* swear words, but we can’t catch everything. Please don’t try to get around the filter. And just because the offending word is gone doesn’t mean the sentence is appropriate. We’ll also remove graphic content featuring inappropriate material or language, as well as pornography or anything else the mods think doesn’t belong.


-Violate anyone’s privacy or post your own identifying info. We take down public phone numbers, addresses and other personally identifying info. Also, PM's (Personal Messages) are just that "personal and private". Posting any PM in the public forums without the permission of all participants is strictly prohibited, and can result in loss of posting privileges.


-Talk about any kind of illegal activities. This is dealt with a strict zero-tolerance policy.


-Spam. No advertising, solicitations or promotional material (that includes petitions, arranging boycotts, asking others to vote on a poll, and advertising your personal website or other forum not directly related to stormtroopers or the 501st). No making off-topic or redundant threads, no posting multiple times in a row with nothing new, and no:


* Bumping: making a new post solely to bring it to the top of the thread listing and push down legitimate discussions.

* Quote for Truth (QFT): This applies when you quote someone you agree with, but only contribute a one or two word comment yourself. Try to add something relevant.

* Poll Threads: Polls can be a good way to jumpstart a discussion, but poll threads that don’t encourage any kind of discussion may be edited, locked or deleted.


-Use ASCII characters or capitals. Online, all caps is considered shouting. Doing so will annoy others in the community. Using ASCII characters in either your login name or your posts is considered childish by many. It also makes the admins’ faces hurt.


BB-Code and Signature Help. You can use limited BB-Code to display graphics and text in your signature. As always, keep it clean – offensive or inappropriate language or imagery is not allowed. Check out the Don’ts above for what we consider offensive. also keep the size to a minimum, large signatures make threads difficult to read.


Sale threads in the proper section. if wanting to sell or promote a product or service please post it in the proper area (Imperial Commissary / PX) also note that posts containing indirect or direct selling/promotion of armor by non-vetted (approved) armor makers will be promptly deleted or moved without warning. repeated violations may result in loss of all selling/buying privileges.


Word Association games, Just say no. Please refrain from starting and/or participating in Word Association and/or similar threads. While they can be fun, they do not really contribute (directly or indirectly) to the mission of the FISD.Any such threads will be promptly deleted by the staff.


Commercial Posts or Advertising. Commercial posts and advertising of goods or services are not allowed on the discussion forums, and will be removed. please keep all sales/interest checks in the Imperial commissary forums.


Selling/Promoting of armor. All new armor makers must have the expressed permission from the FISD staff to sell/promote new types of armor/helmets.


Additions and changes to these rules may occur at any time. It is your responsibility to keep up to date on them.


Mason Carson

TK-4603 "dashrazor"

Detachment Leader

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