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Voice reorder...static burst?

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..I saw this little dealie at the local Radio Shack today.....maybe someone smarter about electronics than me ( pretty much anyone! :) ) can figure out how to record a static burst and wire it in to the radio shack amp....how cool would it be to be able to make your whole amp set up with parts from a local store!!


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Lol thats cool!!

.....Well right off the top top of my head.... The easyiest way to come up with a "White Noise" source, would be to turn on the TV on a channel that has no image ( white noise ,blank screen) and record that. Then i guess you could parallel connect the speakers from your amp set the the recorder and press the static burst button......

Guess it would work.


Thx RBJ, like i said before, look forward to your posts!!!

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If you can solder, I saw this review... "Awesome little Board You can solder a remote play switch between R3 and the Neg side of the C1."


Then remove the speaker, and add 1/8" jack, then patch into the amplifier. Install a remote play switch into your trigger area of your E-11.


Easy in theory. I may try this since I just happened to buy a cold soldering kit 2 days ago. Anyone know about where to get a remote play switch?

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here is the real question, what static sound do you record from? :) in otherwords, what sound would you use? maybe play one of the films and hold the mic up to it? that would make it pretty authentic ;)

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Well Jay you were the first to post this here, Dave form Daves Garage made the modification, its in his videos.

Good call Jay!

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