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  1. thanks that will be a big help, helpfully i will be able to find the buttons somewhere in the house. you know what its like "I'll put that some where safe", then you forget where you put it yeah we have the paints from when we done my brothers, and i have a dremmel, so it should be easy to get the pins, even if i have to nick them from work
  2. hi, i have just started working on my armour (got it about half a year ago but worked on my brothers first and then stopped just after Halloween as work area was taken back off us) and i have misplaced the buttons that came with my fx kit. what is an alternative for this? i will be using the snap system that tk300 mentions on his site (http://www.tonybarnett.plus.com/) so i have the snaps for than (more than i need in the bag i bought) could i use them or would it be better with something else?
  3. any one know where to find the clips? i have tried b&q, marks & Spencer, next, stationary box, maplin, Woolworths and pets @ home and the closest i could find was a corner bracket that 1. i would need to bend and 2. was too narrow looking at the pictures. any help here would be great.
  4. just a question about the aerators, is it OK to just glue them in for the one appearance for Halloween? as i do want to get movie accurate ones but wont be able to get them in time as i cant see anyone selling them at the moment as stomper has sold out. i also don't want to go a head and buy bolts and start drilling if I'm not too sure on what a 4/40 1 inch bolt is. also the instructions talks about a brass washer that isn't in my aerators so i would also need to track down a washer the correct size to allow the bolt to hold it in.
  5. I've just looked on ca boots for the stormtrooper boots and looked for the Chelsea boots (jodhpur boots) on some other websites. i am just wondering which would be the better option? buying the ca boots and spending almost the same as the boot if not more to ship them over here to scotland in less that 8-12 weeks quoted for standard delivery, or buying the jodhpur boots and whiting them up. the problem i have with the jodhpur boots is the websites i have looked at have the prices ranging from £30 to £1750, so i am not too sure what price accurate screen looking ones would cost. if anyone can direct me to either the shop or the website where they bought there's I'll be greatful.
  6. had a look at the leg pieces again and still not sure how to trim. as trimming one side to the correct size means losing the v completely. had a look at some pics on line and have noticed that some people seam to have trimmed the back from the bottom of the v round so there is no v, others seem to have a shallower v. im not too sure if this is because of trimming or due to they have a different type of armour. would it be possible for someone to post pics of you legs for some reference on what we should trim it to look like.
  7. i have had a quick look at the leg pieces and i will need shims for them <_< , i am just wondering how i install the shims? looking at the first couple of daves garage vids i can see how he makes the leg pieces, but i am unsure if there would be enough room to add the shims after glueing or if i would need to Velcro in the shims before i start glueing. also i saw in other threads about using the belt plastic to make shims from but have been unable to track down any leather or canvas to replace it with, so am hesitant to use it, any idea where to get some sheets of plastic or where to get the leather/canvas? i have tried my local diy shops for the plastic and all they have are drain pipes so they are not suitable, and my local cloth shop only has canvas that i would need about 6 layers sewn together to get the correct thickness.
  8. I'm just wondering do you know if you can buy this in the UK as i went to my local car parts shop and the didnt have any.
  9. i am trying to contact the uk garrison but they are taking ages to get back to me . its just because they have been inundated since celebration Europe
  10. i was just reading the 501st section of the new star wars magazine and they mentioned armour party's. is there any going on in the Edinburgh/Glasgow area? ill come along, even if the only help i am is to may the tea i am currently looking at making the rest of the amour and going back to the bucket later but have a feeling i will need some shims, but will need to check that out before i start doing anything.
  11. thanks for all the welcomes. my other thread just seems to be me moaning about the problems, getting given advice then trying it and sucking at it me and my <sarcasm>wonderful</sarcasm> building skills. hehe. Thanks for the support julian, i'm sure i'll be taking you up on it sooner or later
  12. well here's hoping i am able to fix the helmet, after watching those vids i have dismantled it and masking taped it up and it seems to fit a bit better. there is still a gap but i hope some trimming of it will reduce this though. one thing i have noticed is the face plate is quite wide and isn't fitting all the way round properly (looks abit more live a V than the U it should be), any ideas on how to get it to fit properly or is it just heating it up and moulding it like the vids say about the ear pieces? ill keep you updated on my progress
  13. thanks for the link huttman, I've only watched the first three parts, but I think I have seriously "four letter word"ed my helmet . I hope i can fix it. any idea how to get the paint off? as I dont want to use anything that will damage the face plate.
  14. lol yeah hot weather in Scotland lasts from 10:00 to 10:05 on the second thursday of June . I've only had about five hours to work on the helmet in total but I have got some progress pics here, also they show some of the problems ive been having. http://www.ecockroach.co.uk/tmp/graeme/sto...er/IMG_0667.jpg - I'm looking to re-do the paint on the teeth as it went a little off... damn brother I'll get him back when we start his http://www.ecockroach.co.uk/tmp/graeme/sto...er/IMG_0669.jpg - There seems to be a bit of a gap, I've notice that others have bolted the bottom to hold it in place, either that or I'll glue it down. http://www.ecockroach.co.uk/tmp/graeme/sto...er/IMG_0670.jpg - I'm kinda concerned with the bottom it doesn't really match up at all :/ http://www.ecockroach.co.uk/tmp/graeme/sto...er/IMG_0671.jpg http://www.ecockroach.co.uk/tmp/graeme/sto...er/IMG_0672.jpg - That's trying to get the dome on, I have to squeeze it a lot to get it in, but it usually just pops out of the other side http://www.ecockroach.co.uk/tmp/graeme/sto...er/IMG_0673.jpg - another angle. http://www.ecockroach.co.uk/tmp/graeme/sto...er/IMG_0675.jpg - Dome in fully, but I feel that it goes down too far. any advice on sorting any of these problems would be greatly apreciated
  15. A further question, what to I use to glue it in place? I was going to use the hot glue gun but another forum said in the hot weather it can start to melt and fall apart, they recommended abs cement or pipe weld. I’ve just been to homebase and the closest I could find was unibond adhesive epoxy. Says it can be used for abs but it also says that you have to mix it up, apply it to one side and push them together. If I have to put the dome in then glue it, I’m not too sure how to get the epoxy in as it is only workable for 3 minutes.
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