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  1. If anyone could give me a code, I promise to return my code to him... !
  2. Thanks but I'm afraid (for what I see) that the discount is only for IN STOCK products, not for the TFA stormtrooper https://www.anovos.com/collections/black-friday-2016 So, if anyone would have a discount code, I'd really appreciate it
  3. Hi guys. I want to buy a TFA stormtrooper armor this week, and just wondering if anyone had a discount code that won't use it and could share it with me? If anyone can be soooo kind, I'd really really appreciate it ! If so, please, PM or email me benkenove@hotmail.com Thank you so much and I hope someone can help me Ben.
  4. hi Paul, I have no words to thank you... I know all those question can sounds stupid , but I really appreciate your help (and the time you spent answering me ). More questions do you want ?? .. ok, let's go 1.- small rivets... can these works: They are from Tandys, and its size is 1/4" cap, 1/4" post, 1/4" base... are small enough ? or should be even smaller ??? 2.- About the shin armor and strips.. is there any way you could show me some pics of the back of the shin ??? (same with back of thigh)... I'm trying to think how .. but I cannot imagine 100%... I'd really appreciate if you could show me some pics of it... (If it's not a problem). (would be amazing to see it closed, but also opened, to see how it really works there... I can imagine that the strip on the back is glued to 1 of the sides, and with the half of the strip that is not glued, with velcro attaching the other side ??? or how ?? cant imagine .. . 3.- about the snaps for the belt... yes, I knew they were different... do you know where I could find those ?? (yes, I'm like you, trying to make it like the original one ). 4.- Last for today What colors do you recomend me to paint all the details for an ESB armor adn helmet ?? (the grey, the blue, etc etc), what brand and # ??? humbrols ??? Once again, thank you sooo much, I'm dying to start this project . Ben.
  5. Thank you so much for your answer.. I really appreciate it... Got a few more questions.. (after reading your answer, and also after seeing your pics). 1.- so, would be the same width the front of the thigh armor than the fron of the shin armor ??? or should the fron shin be a little smaller? 2.- I see your arms edges are straight.. with the strip over it... but, would be possible to do this same assembling method with an AP armor ?? or would be a bad idea ?? (I ask this cause the AP armor has strip-curved shape on it... was the original this way ? and should I simply put the strip over it or what ? ). 3.- Why sooooo many snaps on the shoulder straps ? :| 4.- I see there are 2 visible snaps in the cod area... is this ok ? or should they go glued from the inside ? (again 2 instead of one , strange). 5.- another stupid question... on the side joints ... I see 3 pairs of rivets in one side, but in the other isde I only see 1 snap (which is visible from the outside), but no more in that side of the armor ... is this corrrect ??? wouldnt be better to have another one, in the area just under the belt ? 6.- what kind of snaps did you use for the belt-armor connection... ? they seems to be different from the standard snaps ?? 7.- I think last, but not least... something that has been worried me a lot for a long time... those tiny holes that appears in the original armors in some edges (like back-butt pieces. ab piece ans chest...), seems to be made to put tiny rivets ?? is this true ?? at least is what I see in your AMAZING pictures... what did you use there ??? standard rivets + elastic ? or nylon straps ? and what is that golde bars out there ??? Wooohh... I think I have asked tooooo much, I guess more than one will desire to kick my butt, but I hope you can forgive me for alll these questions :D:D Thank you sooo much ! Ben.
  6. Hi guys, I have a question about how to assemble the armor correctly (like the original one). I have an AP armor and I'd love to make it like the screen used ones... but got some doubts.. The question is easy... Were all the arms and leg pieces assembled like the front of the legs ?.. with an additional strip on the top... or the biceps and forearms were overlapped ??? The same question goes for the back closing parts... (for example, legs and shins)... overlapped there ? or like the front... both sides flushed with a plastic strip over both (glued in 1 of those and with velcro in the other ?? or how ) ?... And finally, another question related to this as well... Could you tell me the correct width of those strips ?? (width of the thigh strip, calf/shin, forearms, biceps...) ? I know they are not the width... No more, thank you so much, and I hope someone can help me. Ben.
  7. This is Ben Melero, aka Benkenove, tk-285 XO Spanish Garrison, from Canary Islands, Spain. Requesting 501st access please
  8. Hello all !!! This is Ben Melero, aka Benkenove, tk-285 XO Spanish Garrison, from Canary Islands, Spain. I have just discovered this forum (I know I know, I must be stupid for do it soooo late), but I'm here, to learn even more about my beloved stormtrooper It's a pleasure to be here, and let's get fun with the troopers . Ben.
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