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  1. Yes. I just received an email from Anovos on where to find the instructions. Here's the url: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0346/5761/files/SWTROOPER001-KIT_V1.pdf?18334450603693831912
  2. Yesterday, I received the Anovos Imperial Stormtrooper kit. I ordered it on April 14, 2015; it arrived January 23, 2015. Just so everyone knows, it ships FedEx Home Delivery and requires a signature. It will not be left on the doorstep without a signature. For anyone who has ever received an armor kit, you know that the boxes are understandably large. But Anovos will actually be shipping the kit in two boxes. From what I understand, all the soft parts will arrive later. This will include the undersuit and the gloves. Opening the box was pretty cool. Just underneath the flap, there were large, poster-size images of an Imperial stormtrooper. These could easily be framed and displayed on a wall. I did an unboxing video. The video will be posted on my Facebook page if you want to see how the kit is packed inside. After the unboxing, I laid most of all the parts on the table. I'm hesitant to fully unpack the kit. Firstly, I don't have my dremel or tools on hand to begin the trimming. Make no mistake, all the parts will have to be trimmed before you can assemble. So since I don't have my tools, I didn't see the point of a full unbox. I wanted to be able to repack everything back into the original box. On first inspection, all the pieces look to be of typical ABS plastic. There's a good thickness, and I'm quite pleased with the results. But I admit that I didn't do an in-depth inspection. One detail that pleased me is that the belt comes fully assembled. The drop boxes and holster is already attached. All you have to do is unwrap it. Pretty cool, huh? There are a couple smaller bags inside the kit. The two smaller bags include all the parts for the thermal detonator and all the internal rigging straps. From what I can tell, absolutely everything is included. Although, it appears that Anovos expects you to use an entire velcro harness system. There are no snaps. I will swap out the velcro system with a more reliable snap system. But it's still awesome that all the nylon straps are included. The only thing I'll need to buy are snaps. As I said, you can watch my unboxing via my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/jacketrat/videos/10153907968346170/?pnref=story But after a preliminary inspection, I'm quite pleased with Anovos. For only $350, they have really given me my money's worth. The only thing I'll need to buy are the boots (already purchased and delivered) and minor alterations to the internal harness. I just realized that I failed to take pictures of the bucket. But rest assured, the bucket is fully assembled. All I have to do is install the lenses and nose mesh. I'll admit that I don't think the lenses are dark enough, but that will be easy to fix. I'm quite eager to begin on this new project. My first set of armor was stolen way back in 2009, so I can't wait to be a TK again. But as soon as I get my tools, I'll begin trimming the pieces. Assembly will follow soon after. This is quite an impressive kit. I imagine anyone else who ordered it will be quite happy when it arrives. PS ... I didn't see any instructions in the kit. But who needs instructions? We're the 501st Legion!!!
  3. I received my kit yesterday. From what I understand, they are prioritizing the shipments on the time on which you ordered. I ordered mine on April 14th, 2015. So depending on when you ordered, you'll have a better idea when you receive it.
  4. Hey Guys. I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction. My friend has an FX stormtrooper. He hasn't trooped in three years. And because of that, he's considered retired from the 501st membership. He wants to get active again, but now he's TK doesn't meet the CRL requirement. Is it possible to modify his existing costume to bring it back up to 501st standards? And if so, can you direct me to the link or mod page, so I figure out how to get this project started?
  5. With summer approaching, I was thinking about getting a new Under Armour suit. But then I came across this "Renaissance Dancewear" that makes a one-piece unitard specific for Stormtroopers. The cool thing about this is I can have a crotch zipper included, along with a thumb stirrup. http://www.renaissancedancewear.com/stormtrooper.html Have any of you guys bought this? Is this a good under suit? How does it compare with Under Armour Heat Gear?
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